Admitting Covid Vaccine Failure = Calls for Wide Spread Mass Rapid Antigen Testing

The calls for widespread mass rapid antigen testing is a clear admission the vaccines failed. As they inevitably were going to. Not a one of these vaccines was ever shown to block transmission of this Covid virus or any of it’s slight mutations. Yup, that’s right. Zero. None. Zilch.

Despite that reality “booster” jabs are being pushed as a solution to this latest virus Omicron. Because the CEO of Pfizer “say’s so”- Get ready for 4 jabs. If you’re of questionable intelligence that is?

Am I the only one who notices the huge conflict of interest regarding the highly profitable, for Pfizer, jab and the call for 4 shots as being on the self serving side?

Oh, those altruistic vaccine makers, COVID-19 booster shots could rake in BILLIONS more!

Mandates are going away because the vaccine is and always was a failure in impeding transmission, making the vaxx passport and vaxx mandates, tyranny. A gold star for compliance and right think. Or the willingness to have that boot stamping on your face. Forever.

Calls for Mass Rapid Antigen Use

Students bringing home rapid antigen tests

If you so desire you can find loads of article talking up rapid antigen tests..

Omicron officially milder

New data from South Africa: Fourth wave officially ‘milder’

This is a huge moment in the fight against COVID-19, and would go some way towards explaining why hospitalisations, ICU patients, and deaths haven’t soared in line with South Africa’s case rates.

It’s believed that high seroprevalence rates in Mzansi, which account for how much immunity people have against COVID-19, are behind the fact that Omicron is now a less concerning infection.

In total, it’s estimated that Omicron is around 29% less likely to put someone in hospital, when compared to the previous mutations discovered on our shores. That’s one hell of a result, and it feeds into our ‘stat of the day’.

Omicron and the Common Cold Coronavirus

Omicron: This variant could be the “blessing in the sky”

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Here’s yet another one calling for distributing these tests

” Rapid antigen tests (RATs), which offer on the spot COVID-19 test results in less than 20 minutes, have become the centre of holiday gathering discussions. But thanks to a muddled distribution process and high prices, getting the tests into the hands of Canadians who need them has so far proven difficult.

“If we had this test readily available for families, I think people will want to test before they go to congregate settings or large indoor gatherings,” Birgit Umaigba, an Ontario-based ICU and ER Registered Nurse, said in a telephone interview with Tuesday.”

The inevitable vaccine fail was going to lead us up to this very moment
Recall my interview with Michael Mina from Harvard ?

” I think we have to be very honest with recognizing that the vaccine is not stopping transmission. Period. ”

vaccine failure = push for rapid antigen testing
we should be up in arms at this- the money given to big pharma, profits, harmed/dead individuals by the millions world wide from the jab..
mandates, vaxx passports
just one big scam- on us

RATs … as in rats you out. I’d say those tests are well named but here’s the thing, the RATs are so inaccurate as to be next to useless. I can only hope they aren’t pathogenic at least. The covid shots are certainly proving to be so. What a mad, media-fueled mindset, where everyone seems to want something which is useless and/or harmful and someone (pharma moguls, medical dictators, politicians) to make covid go away when, left to nature and some safe, inexpensive medications, it would have gone away anyway. The result has been that billions of dollars have been transferred to those who neither need, nor deserve more wealth and power. I would add masks to the scummy, scammy mix of shots, mandates, passports and tests.

Hey MR:
Rapid Antigen testing is the reason my hubby still has his job still- vaxx or testing. He’s been tested regular for some time now and always a negative. though it’s claimed these tests give false positives…this simply hasn’t been his experience. He hasn’t been sick and he hasn’t tested as sick.

That’s great RATs have turned out well for your husband. You do what you must to stay employed these days. May a positive force and those negative results continue to be with him. IMHO people with no symptoms (i.e. healthy) should not be required to take a test and people with symptoms (i.e. sick) could stay home, take safe medications, visit the doctor or go to hospital, depending on the severity of those symptoms. It’s such a “bizarro world” these days.

Who knows if these tests work to find this “faked” virus?

I have recently been trying to find home antibody tests (which are different than antigen tests). Since I was diagnosed from a PCR test, I cannot trust I actually had Covid (and as I eluded before, I think it was the flu).

But, if this “faked” virus is actually faked, then what is an antigen (or antibody) test gonna show?

One can go to the Dr yo get an antibody test, but I don’t want it traced. So, finding a self test at home would be great.

Hey BMan:

you’ve raised some legit concerns, but, I’d rather hubby get tested then vaxxed- and he’s okay with it as well.

“But, if this “faked” virus is actually faked, then what is an antigen (or antibody) test gonna show?”

There must be some thing picked up in all these tests and the antibody tests- don’t know what?
I’ve heard of the antibody testing. I thought they had to be done by the doctor? But don’t really know either way.

whichever the case with the testing the push for rapid antigens scream loud can clear about the uselessness of the vaxx-
which should be shouted from the mountains, IMO

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