Omicron and the Common Cold Coronavirus

Way back when this ‘pandemic’ began, I’d reported that multiple coronaviruses circulate regularly and give us our common cold. Though way too many people wanted to believe that this latest coronavirus was something completely unheard of. Ever. It wasn’t true.

There are other viruses that give us a cold as well. Rhinovirus as an example. But, coronavirus has long circulated and gives us that miserable cold we suffer through year after year.


You know the drill. Your throat feels scratchy, you start sneezing and coughing, and pretty soon you’re in the grip of a nasty cold.
It’s likely that someday you’ll have a close encounter with one of these types:

RSV and parainfluenza

There are also a lot of viruses that doctors haven't identified. About 20%-30% of colds in adults are caused by these "unknown" bugs

Omicron by all accounts is mild. Very, very mild. With the latest news reporting no deaths. Despite the media hysteria. And the push to increase pharma profits through more jabs.

No Omicron Deaths-Curse to Blessing

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Omicron and the common cold share some common features..

The Omicron Non Emergency: Vaccine Mandates Hurting Hospitals-


The Omicron COVID-19 variant may have picked up genetic material from a virus that causes the common cold, possibly making it more transmissible but less virulent than other variants, according to a preliminary study.

A preprint study from researchers from Cambridge, Mass.-based firm, Nference, found that snippet of genetic code that is also present in a virus that can bring about a cold after sequencing the Omicron variant, The Washington Post reported.

Venky Soundararajan, a co-author of the study said the “striking” similarity between Omicron and HCoV-229E could have led the variant to be “more accustomed to human hosts” and more likely to evade immune responses.

“By virtue of Omicron adopting this insertion … it is essentially taking a leaf out of the seasonal coronaviruses’ page, which [explains] … how it lives and transmits more efficiently with human beings,” he said.

Omicron: This variant could be the “blessing in the sky”

One has to wonder why, when it comes to Omicron, it’s not follow the science BUT instill the fear and generate hysteria. I guess it’s just more of the same, really? I’m thinking more people are going to get that we’ve been played. And we’ve allowed for that to happen, to ourselves.

Say no to totalitarianism.

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