At Home Antigen Testing Could Break the Chain of Transmission

And actually end this "pandemic". Because the "vaccines" are not EVER going to do this. And they will harm many people in the process. Harm and kill as they already have been doing!
I find the individual doing the interview kind of annoying, but, the epidemiologist is well worth listening to!


In the U.S., the PCR test is the gold standard for COVID testing. Common knowledge would have us believe that the (PCR) test is more accurate—and therefore more effective at containing the spread of the disease—than the rapid antigen test.

What if that isn’t quite true?

Transcript excerpts:

Guest: Michael Mina, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

S1: Mina, who teaches at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has been preaching the gospel of cheap, rapid antigen tests for 18 months. First, he was a lonely voice. Now he’s part of a growing chorus saying that we as a country are ignoring an easy tool to help us control infections.

1: Today on the show, Mina argues that for less than a dollar, we could break the chain of transmission. So what’s stopping us? I’m Lizzie O’Leary and you’re listening to what next? TBD a show about technology, power and how the future will be determined. Stick with us. I want to start by kind of breaking down the universe of Covid testing that exists in the U.S. right now. You can get a PCR test, which is a molecular test or a rapid antigen test. And I think the common understanding is that a PCR is slower but more accurate. Is that the correct understanding?

S2: It’s not. And the reason is it’s because accuracy is entirely dependent on what your objective is. And the conversation has been 100 percent dominated by physicians and clinical laboratory directors who are completely focused on medical diagnostics and in the medical diagnostic. You’re not asking, how are we going to stop spread across the community? You’re asking, does my patient have any evidence that they currently have Covid or did in the recent past? Right. And so they want a test that’s going to be just like a forensics detective wants to get to detect even small molecules of of hair at a crime scene or blood at a crime scene, and they actually use PCR to do that. But if our goal is instead to identify people who currently are transmitting the virus to other people, then actually the rapid test is much more accurate

S1: Mina, who teaches at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has been preaching the gospel of cheap, rapid antigen tests for 18 months

S2: It it can be, I mean, the US at this point. I think we have to be very honest with recognizing that the vaccine is not stopping transmission. Period. You know, it’s just not. And once we’re honest about that peace ( piece?), then we can start thinking critically about, okay, what are the right approaches to take? And we have to be really clear that these are two different things. One is to stop you from going to the hospital and one is to keep your workplace open so you don’t have outbreaks.

Please share this information. Let's put an end to this insanity once and for all people!

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Grrrr…this “gold standard” business. The PCR test is not the “gold standard”. That phrase has been misused this entire eighteen months.

I’ll leave this link to a gentleman who has been doing an incredible amount of studying. This link is to the archive; you can pick anything and learn something, but a good place to start is on his series called “The Chloroquine Wars”. Start at the first post and read subsequent ones as they build on each other.

Hey gwen!
long time no see or read?!
You’ll get no disagreement from me on the scam of the PCR tests. Any claim of them being a ‘gold standard’ is pure perception management and nothing else.
Thanks for the link. I will, when possible, have a look.

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