Oh, those altruistic vaccine makers, COVID-19 booster shots could rake in BILLIONS more!

Sorry for my delay in getting something fresh here. Just tied up in the real world. More then I like to be. Altruism, right? 😉 On top of the billions already made- there are billions more to be had!

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Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans’ protection against the virus.

How much the manufacturers stand to gain depends on how big the rollout proves to be.

Wall Street is taking notice. The average forecast among analysts for Moderna’s 2022 revenue has jumped 35% since President Joe Biden laid out his booster plan in mid-August.

No one knows yet how many people will get the extra shots. But Morningstar analyst Karen Andersen expects boosters alone to bring in about $26 billion in global sales next year for Pfizer and BioNTech and around $14 billion for Moderna if they are endorsed for nearly all Americans.

Those companies also may gain business from people who got other vaccines initially. In Britain, which plans to offer boosters to everyone over 50 and other vulnerable people, an expert panel has recommended that Pfizer’s shot be the primary choice, with Moderna as the alternative.

Andersen expects Moderna, which has no other products on the market, to generate a roughly $13 billion profit next year from all COVID-19 vaccine sales if boosters are broadly authorized.

Potential vaccine profits are harder to estimate for Pfizer, but company executives have said they expect their pre-tax adjusted profit margin from the vaccine to be in the “high 20s” as a percentage of revenue. That would translate to a profit of around $7 billion next year just from boosters, based on Andersen’s sales prediction.

Drugmakers aren’t the only businesses that could see a windfall from delivering boosters. Drugstore chains CVS Health and Walgreens could bring in more than $800 million each in revenue, according to Jeff Jonas, a portfolio manager with Gabelli Funds.

The COVID-19 vaccines have already done much better than their predecessors.

Pfizer said in July it expects revenue from its COVID-19 vaccine to reach $33.5 billion this year, an estimate that could change depending on the impact of boosters or the possible expansion of shots to elementary school children.

That would be more than five times the $5.8 billion racked up last year by the world’s most lucrative vaccine _ Pfizer’s Prevnar13, which protects against pneumococcal disease.

Remember when it was written, by myself, that the leaky ADE inducing vaccine was the business model?

Mass Market Model: ADE’s, Leaky Vaccines and Breakthrough Infections

If you read at my old blog you’ll recall that being written. That report was brought forward to this new site. What a great way to make money. Keep on rakin’ it in. And the media keeps pushing on the agenda. It’s up to each of us to break the chains. Break free. Take your own life back.

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Hey Penny,

While the leaky vaccine is a thing. There is another thing I just learned about, which is that in order for the Mrna Vaccine to work it modifies the immune cell sentries/toll booth’s. Without a certain modification the Mrna gets cleaned up by the body. But with this modification it doesn’t perceive the mrna as hostile, but also modifies the sentries/toll booth which has a negative influence in perceiving threats.

There is suspicion that it might be linked to an increase of cancer, but its only correlation and anecdotal at this point.

This is the source. which will explain it better than I do.

got this from following aletho’s feed.

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