Omicron Epicentre- The Tide Turns, Just like that.

If one wonders why hay is being made before the sun shines here in dumbed down land (Canada- the US too)

There is a narrow window of opportunity with which fear mongering can be weaponized as a means to deploy jabs in order to enrich big pharma. The war for your mind is still being waged. As always.


Dare we say it? It’s looking increasingly more likely that the wave of new infections in Gauteng – informally dubbed the world’s ‘Omicron epicentre’ just a few weeks ago – has run out of steam.

Omicron in Gauteng: Have we reached a peak?

Daily reported cases in the province are starting to fall, and week-on-week figures are down by roughly 20%. For the last few days, active cases and new infections have been dropping, ever so steadily. On Wednesday, Health Minister Joe Phaahla hinted that this latest COVID resurgence had peaked in Gauteng – and he’s probably right.

Is Omicron milder than Delta? It looks like it

Even the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) has used the ‘M word’ to describe the Omicron wave. They say that Gauteng’s data shows that case outcomes appear to be milder, but ideally, they’d like to see new infections start levelling off across the country soon.

When cases spike, so do hospitalisations. The trick is to look at the proportion of these rates. Omicron hospitalisation figures are dramatically smaller than those recorded in the winter, during the Delta wave. Hospital admissions have been rising in Gauteng, but the province of eternal hope now shows us that this is ALSO starting to slow.

Latest COVID-19 data and forecasts for Gauteng, Thursday 16 December

The deeper we dive, the better things look. The only thing Omicron beats Delta on is case numbers. Even then, it doesn’t appear there’s that much in it. Charts highlighting the use of ICU beds, hospital admissions, and ventilator equipment in Gauteng all show a drop in comparison to the winter COVID-19 wave.

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