‘It’s a first’: Gauteng’s hospital data on Omicron now too good to ignore…Cognitive Dissonance

Too good to ignore. And yet it is ignored in order to provoke hysteria.

The first case of an Omicron-positive patient in South Africa was recorded on 8 November. We’re almost six weeks into this latest wave of COVID-19, and the Gauteng hospitalisation data reaching us from local virus hot-spots is proving to be a real source of encouragement for other regions of Mzansi, and potentially, the rest of the world.

Gauteng hospitalisation data looks ‘very encouraging’

Whichever way you look at the hospitalisation data coming from Gauteng, there are positive signs running through the charts and graphs. Case rates and mortality figures are also giving us all some much-needed hope:

The rapid increase in cases HAS NOT transferred proportionally into hospitalisations and deaths.
Although hospital admissions are starting to rise slighty, they’re much smaller than what has been seen in previous waves.
The same goes for mortality rates. They are flat when compared to the past three surges of COVID.
Gauteng is starting to see a decrease in cases now, too – meaning hospitalisations will soon peak here, too.
The average stay in hospital for patients is now down to ‘three or four days’ – HALF of what was seen during the Delta wave.
The NICD conclude that deaths amongst hospital patients are now 65% to 70% LOWER than before.

Cognitive Dissonance: Omicron: Vaccines Weak At Blocking Omicron, but, get another jab?

Vaccines appear weak at blocking Omicron..

Vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic infection from the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is likely to be much lower than against earlier variants, but they may still offer substantial protection against severe disease, a new analysis suggests.

  • Considering the reality that the vaccines could not impede transmission- ever… Considering the reality that those that the fully vaxxed had breakthrough infections and died prior to the emergence of Omicron. One has to really wonder why the jab, as ineffective as it’s already been and despite it being claimed that this virus can circumvent the vaxx, is being so heavily pushed. Other then to enrich pharmaceutical corporations- Like a hard sell campaign

As is abundantly clear, unless your head is stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. Or you read at Moon of Alabama? The pushing of rapid antigen testing demonstrates quite clearly the vaccine is a FAIL.

Admitting Covid Vaccine Failure = Calls for Wide Spread Mass Rapid Antigen Testing

Part of my comment in that section of the above report

The inevitable vaccine fail was going to lead us up to this very moment
Recall my interview with Michael Mina from Harvard ?

” I think we have to be very honest with recognizing that the vaccine is not stopping transmission. Period. ”

vaccine failure = push for rapid antigen testing
we should be up in arms at this- the money given to big pharma, profits, harmed/dead individuals by the millions world wide from the jab..
mandates, vaxx passports
just one big scam- on us

One reply on “‘It’s a first’: Gauteng’s hospital data on Omicron now too good to ignore…Cognitive Dissonance”

Toronto, Ontario’s Fully Vaxxed Chief of Police has tested postive for Covid

“Toronto police Chief James Ramer has tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating at home, the service confirmed Friday night.

In a statement issued by police, the chief did not have any symptoms but went to get a test out of an abundance of caution, as he regularly visits members of the police service and the community.”

again, we see it’s the testing that can stop the spread.. not the vaccines
which is why rapid antigens should have been used months ago
instead governments here in Canada and the US sat on their supply.
Why? Cause they wanted to push the vaccine? Seems to be the sensible answer

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