Omicron = Common Cold

Omicron can seem like the cold… because it is. Can it get any more obvious?

Symptoms associated with the Covid omicron variant could be similar to those that normally accompany a cold.

Experts are warning that the strain could be easily mistaken for a mild, everyday illness.

Easily mistaken for a mild, everyday illness?

LONDON — Symptoms associated with the Covid-19 omicron variant could be similar to those that normally accompany a cold

The team said that the top five symptoms reported in the ZOE app in those two different weeks were:

Runny nose
Fatigue (either mild or severe)
Sore throat

“As our latest data shows, omicron symptoms are predominantly cold symptoms, runny nose, headache, sore throat and sneezing, so people should stay at home as it might well be Covid,” Spector said in ZOE’s latest report Thursday.

When has everything, everywhere, ever shutdown for a cold.

It never has before. This is a sucker game

CDC: Most Omicron “cases” young and double vaxxed

Omicron Epicentre- The Tide Turns, Just like that.

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Good points, Penny. It’s always just been the flu, and the flu has always updated itself every year, and before it was called “Covid” thousands of people didn’t even bother going to the doctor; I remember one woman telling me she swore by Buckleys. But my town right now has its highest number ever of patients in ICU, on ventilators, and dying. People who should know better are really worried about this new, “stronger” virus. But, of course, there is no mention of how many of the sick had been vaccinated.

South African medics can’t figure out why the panic. They’ve kept thousands out of hospital with medicines like Ivermection.
You may already know that “Omicron” is widely known now as “Moronic” (same letters). And “Delta Omicron” has been turned into “Media Control”.

Somebody’s having a good laugh over this.

Hey Penny,

It might be worth watching “The Joe Rogan Experience #1747”
Peter A. McCullough is the guest. almost 3 hours worth of valuable talk.

Towards the end they also discuss a bit about Omicron.

Hey Kaz and Bman:
I’ve now gotten a spotify account so I can watch the video when I can. Mr McCullough has been a very thoughtful, informative doctor through all of this- he looks to be more of a doctor that wants to help his patients get well.

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