Demands that France “clarify” background of shooting

In weasel wording terms this means “get your mind right” Promote the right narrative. The politically expedient narrative. The narrative that suits the agenda. And serves the interests of those promoting the narrative for political reasons.

Before we get to the main information of this post it’s equally as important to document the fact that the alleged shooter has been taken to a psychiatric facility for health reasons

Suspect in Paris shooting transferred to psychiatric unit

Authorities say the 69-year-old suspect, who allegedly killed three people, was removed from custody for health reasons.

Prosecutors said on Saturday that the 69-year-old suspect had been removed from custody for health reasons on the same day and taken to a police psychiatric facility.

The Paris prosecutor said a doctor examined the suspect’s health on Saturday afternoon and deemed it “not compatible with the measure of custody”.

According to the Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDK-F), the dead included one woman and two men, AFP said.

The woman killed, Emine Kara, was a leader of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in France, the organisation’s spokesman Agit Polat said. Her claim for political asylum in France had been rejected.

The suspect is pictured after being beaten by bystanders

His alleged weapon of choice

a U.S. Army Colt 45 to carry out the attack

France’s political class had better get the narrative right!

“The rally called on the French government to clarify the background of the attack.”

relatives of the victims took to the stage and pointed out the unanswered questions regarding the attack.

The relatives remarked that the statements of the French government were insufficient and demanded that the background be clarified.

The vice-president of the Paris Bar Association, Vincent Nioré, said in a speech that the attack was not just a racist crime, but rather a planned and organised terrorist attack.

French opposition politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon said the three victims were "political militants" of a common struggle:

It’s a given these were PKK members. The influence they wield is substantial. And they want France to frame Turkey via some contrived narrative favourable to their cause and the regional remake supported by the US and Israel.

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