PKK Claiming Turkey is Responsible for Paris Attack?

A case of never letting a “good crisis go to waste” often attributed to Winston Churchill

It’s quite a stretch to make this claim but it plays on a long implanted narrative




Paris, today. Kurdes are a little bit upset.

The latest

The murder of Kurds in Paris: what we know now”

The alleged perpetrator is from France- His name is being obfuscated by the media because the investigation is ongoing

Lots of weasel wording.

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan 24) – Less than 48 hours have passed since an apparent white racist killed three Kurdish activists in Paris on Friday.

While the investigation is ongoing, here is what we know for now. 

Two significant points can be noted. One is the identity of the murderer—a 69-year-old Frenchman with a criminal record that includes a prior arrest for an attack on a migrant camp, as well as a conviction for illegal weapons possession.

The second key point is that one immediate impact of the attack is to raise the already high tensions between Turkey and its Kurdish population, particularly the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK.)

Why should an attack by a racist Frenchman on Kurds in a European capital raise tensions with Turkey?

The center he targeted is pro-PKK, and the PKK has played a significant role in promoting the notion that Turkey was behind the attack.

That may also help explain the vehemence of the protests that followed, which included throwing rocks and other objects at French police, injuring eleven of them, while setting fires in the street, and damaging property, including automobiles.

In some respects, such a response may be understandable. But it is also extremely short-sighted. France is not the enemy of the Kurdish people. Rather, it has been a long-standing supporter, as Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani affirmed late on Friday.

Indeed, Paris’ support for the Kurds goes back to the 1980s and Danielle Mitterrand, wife of the French President, Francois Mitterrand. He played a key role in pushing the US to reverse policy after the 1991 Gulf War and protect the Kurdish people, who had revolted against Saddam Hussein and then fled his fearsome reprisal, as the US looked on, expecting he would be ousted in a military coup.

Based on my reading there appears to be no connection to Turkey what so ever! But… the PKK has it’s own media and can promote it’s convenient narrative should it be necessary and the 5 eyes media will further disseminate the disinfo

The French Gunman and the Attack on the Kurdish Cultural Center

French authorities have identified the gunman as “William M.” They describe him as a 69-year-old, native-born Frenchman, a retired train driver from the state-owned National Company of French Railways (SNCF.) He has a prior criminal record, including violence against foreigners.

In 2017, William M. was given a suspended prison sentence for “prohibited possession of weapons,” Le Monde reported. In 2022, he was sentenced to twelve months in prison for violent actions committed earlier with those weapons. The legal proceeding is still ongoing because he appealed his conviction, and he has not yet had to serve that sentence.

But a third crime did send him to jail. He is suspected of slashing two people with a saber at a migrant camp in Paris, inhabited largely by Sudanese men. That occurred in Dec. 2021. He was arrested but was never tried for the crime. So, he was released a short time ago—on Dec. 12—after nearly a year in pre-trial detention, which is the maximum allowed for such incarceration under French law.

Eleven days later, William M. killed three Kurds in the center of Paris.

Turkey versus the PKK: Syria

Long ago, the US and European Union designated the PKK as a terrorist organization. It was founded in 1978 and was originally supported by the Soviet Union and Moscow’s ally, Syria’s Baathist regime.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Syria lacked the ability to protect the PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan. ( Not exactly that simple) The US obliged Damascus to expel him from the country. Ocalan traveled to Kenya, where he was captured by Turkish authorities and then imprisoned.

etc., etc.,

Wladimir van Wilgenburg contributed to this report.

Always a questionable journalist.

  • Let’s consider this?
  • this individual was a train driver- possibly involved with some type of smuggling ops with the PKK? He’d certainly be a helping hand as a train driver.
  • And something went awry? Some disagreement arose between smuggler/partners in crime?

Makes more sense to me than pointing a finger at Turkey. But we’ll see.

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Eeh, probably some pent up frustration the PKK supporters had, since they are getting dismantled in Iraq & Syria. Causing their long held dream to slowly melt away. And there is nothing they can do about it.

Another factor is that each passing day, their usefulness is going down for EU. For them the writing is on the wall

That could be too- Like a temper tantrum.
I’ve covered the news that Turkey is looking to make amends with Assad. Iran is on board- Turkey already been cooperating with Iran.
If Russia stays the course this is the end of the remaking the region project the US has been leading the way on.

Some may not understand this but the Kurds had their sights set on lands as far as Armenia/Azerbaijan

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