French Journalist: PKK Exploiting Shooting To Spread Hate

As stated the other day… never let a good crisis go to waste


Protests in the French capital are “definitely” not in support of families of victims in Friday’s shooting, but an expression of “hatred of the Turkish people” by PKK members, says Jean-Michel Brun.

A French journalist has stressed that the PKK terrorist organisation is politically exploiting Friday’s shooting in Paris that left at least three people dead.

“It is most definitely not a demonstration of support for the families of the victims, but it is a question of political exploitation,” Jean-Michel Brun said on Saturday.

The journalist was referring to the violent demonstrations held by PKK supporters since Friday that left dozens of French police injured and caused significant public and private property damage in central Paris.

“These are really the members of the PKK who express their opposition to Türkiye and the Turkish government, who also express their hatred of the Turkish people,” added Brun.

He also cautioned French people and the government against being fooled by the terror group’s political exploitation.

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