“Booster Fatigue”- No More Chasing Rainbows

Agencies have been plagued by the lack of a clear voice in defining the exact purpose of the COVID vaccination strategy, and many ACIP members agreed that the time has come to clearly communicate to the public what existing authorized or approved COVID vaccines can and can’t do.

I’ll repeated what has been repetitively covered here: The “vaccines” do next to nothing. They were NEVER going to stop transmission, though that was the claim. They were never going to stop you from getting sick either! And that’s the way it’s always been. Because that is the reality of this experimental jab. The so called “boosters” are nothing more then additional injections of the same leaky jab.

Sarah Long, MD, of Drexel University in Philadelphia, was even more blunt, saying “we should not chase the rainbows” of preventing transmission, infection, or even mild disease.

While Long noted that current vaccines were less than effective against anything but preventing severe disease and death, she implicated the virus itself rather than the vaccines for this shortcoming.

The leaky jab is helping to birth the variants. The jab is not effective and it never was. The virus will do as it has always done. As all viruses have always done.

Beth Bell, MD, of the University of Washington in Seattle, expressed concern about “booster fatigue” and said that multiple boosters give “the impression that the vaccines aren’t effective.”

“People are losing confidence in the vaccination program,” she said.

Assuming they had any to begin with?

The level of protection granted by a prior symptomatic coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection among unvaccinated individuals was on par with the level of protection provided by mRNA vaccines, with natural immunity providing a longer window of protection than mRNA vaccines, according to a large study published in JAMA Network Open.

Worse still quadruple vaxxed, double masked, get covid, get sick and claim you had reduced symptoms- That’s just plain out of touch with reality.

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Great photo of an expression I’ve had on my own face many times, Penny.

Edward Dowd says we’re reaching the “inflection point” over the CovIDian caper. I certainly hope so. The PfiZer data dump revealed that they originally planned 6 doses!

And Trudeau has already bought and warehoused enough of the crap for everyone in Canada plus all the other nations he’s offering to “help”.

Hi Mark

When Covid first ’emerged’ I wanted nothing more then to avoid the topic entirely. But it got so very weird!
I’d covered the “when pigs fly flu” pandemic at that time(2009) and covid felt like that, again. But worse. Much more hyped and exaggerated. It’s since shown itself to be one of the weirdest topics I’ve covered since it became about so much more then a virus. It became human experimentation, mind control, psyops and pharma profiteering on a global scale. All rolled into one sickening mass of hysteria. Now I look around and see humanity damaged to an extent I’m not sure that some will ever recover from.

Glad you enjoyed the reporting!

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