EU Drug Regulator Warns AGAINST Repeated Covid Boosters & Damaging Immune System

Here in Canada we just keep pushing the jabs. It’s jab, jab, jab, jab all the time. Jab after jab based on garbage computer models deployed to terrorize into compliance. Possibly, I’d say probably already damaging the human immune system.


The European Union’s drug regulator is warning that too many doses of COVID-19 vaccines could eventually weaken the body’s immune system, rendering the extra shots ineffective.

Marco Cavaleri, the head of vaccine strategy for the European Medicines Agency, said earlier this week that booster shots can be administered “once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we think should be repeated constantly.”

Cavaleri is the latest health expert to urge against offering a fourth shot of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine

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Europe’s regulatory body known as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) held a press briefing on Tuesday, January 11 for updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. Marco Cavaleri, the EMA head of biological health threats and vaccine strategy, raised significant concerns about the present mass vaccination program implemented across the European continent. Acknowledging the highly contagious nature of the Omicron variant, the regulatory official expressed that the level of severity appears milder than the Delta variant yet emphasized the importance of further data collection for a true understanding of the unfolding Omicron epidemiological impact. 

Cavaleri explained that based on recent studies, vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic disease becomes significantly reduced, waning over time, and this means more fully vaccinated people in Europe become susceptible to breakthrough infections caused by either Delta or Omicron. However, the EMA official noted that with a booster, vaccine effectiveness shoots back up. Significant risks to human health manifest, however, based on the premise of a public health response driven by continuous COVID-19 vaccination booster jabs.

Cavaleri cautions that repeated booster jabs may adversely impact the human immune system. The regulator’s comments effectively challenge the current paradigm of the COVID-19 response. Is it time now to transition to an endemic-based COVID-19 response regimen?

Another report-

Here’s another influential voice joining the growing pushback against overdoing it on the COVID booster front: the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

On Tuesday, EMA vaccine strategy chief Marco Cavaleri said there was still no data supporting the need for a fourth COVID vaccine dose. And even if multiple boosters do prove to be necessary, they would need to be spaced out in the style of annual flu jabs, rather than delivered every several months. He also warned that overly frequent booster doses could potentially lead to “problems with immune response.”

Looks to me as if problems with the immune response are already occurring!

The breakthrough infections happening en masse are making plainly obvious there are problems with the immune system

Unless one is blinded by their indoctrination? Filled with fear and made so irrational they cannot see what is actually taking place ?

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There has also been reporting surrounding a paper published
by an english scientist.
Leading argument is that with each succesive injection
( the leading 2-part followed up with 2 booster assists)
the risk of developing myocarditis or periocarditis
increase exponentially.

Received mention on the UK Column News broadcast
and the David Knight Show.

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