Mr Gladstone Shouldn’t Be Teaching

The level of fear that has been inculcated into people regarding the Covid virus (instill an attitude, idea, or habit by persistent instruction) is simply unwarranted. It is not related to anything remotely realistic. And is simple proof that perception management, propaganda and indoctrination through fear is very, very effective.


“This is to let you know that you will be admitted to our classroom only after I request that you have a well-fitting mask on; and that it will be kept on, over your nose, throughout your time with me,” the email from Gladstone to students, sent over the weekend, said.

You will also continue to abide our backpacks down — hands washed with soap — get seated, protocols.” This policy also appears to be of Gladstone’s creation, as there is currently no mandatory TDSB handwashing policy related to COVID-19.

Gladstone added: “If you object to this request, and if you are OK with infecting me and others, maybe even killing me, no problem… you do you… seated in the Hallway [sic] outside our classroom ( not wandering ) … I’ll pass you some work to complete.”

The teacher warned: “If you use that hallway time to disappear or to be disruptive, that will lead to detentions and other consequences.”

The message explained that “in this pandemic epoch, as a responsible Canadian citizen, you must be utilitarian, not libertarian, in your thinking and behaviour … that means caring about and protecting the societal collective, not feeding the ego of the selfish, ignorant, individual.”

Wow, just wow!

Actual COVID stats should allay fears, not make them worse

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that there is a part of society that is suffering fear and anxiety at a level that goes far beyond what is warranted in the face of the virus. Some among us have become petrified beyond all reason after a two-year diet of bad news and quite often fear mongering over COVID case numbers.

Thanks to the media and every level of government for their incessant fear mongering- Never before engaged in through yearly flu pandemics! It’s a dystopia. A real life dystopia.

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Please forgive me if I posted this elsewhere lately, but I did finish another video in reference to vaccines that you and your readers may enjoy (if I did already post it, just delete this comment and accept my apologies). Its posted on Bitchute because YT would immediately delete it.

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