Lancet: No Death Reduction From Covid Jab…..

in individuals with multiple comorbidities. No reason to think Scotland is unique in this outcome.

I like cutting to the chase:

Lancet: Characteristics and risk of COVID-19-related death in fully vaccinated people in Scotland

In summary…. omitted vaccine promotion…

Most individuals who died after two doses of COVID-19 vaccine were older than 75 years and had multiple comorbidities. These results are similar to the risk profile for mortality in unvaccinated individuals with COVID-19 infection and in vaccinated individuals who have received one dose of vaccine.
Risk of COVID-19-related death is therefore not completely eliminated when fully vaccinated; the results of this study suggest the importance of continued caution and non-pharmaceutical interventions, in particular for older adults with multiple comorbidities.

In plain language double vaxxed persons, with multiple comorbidities have the same risk profile for death as the unvaccinated. Risk of death not completely eliminated

The one guaranteed benefit, huge profits, went to the pharmaceutical companies. That can’t be disputed.

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