Who Loves Nazis? Trudeau Led Canada Loves Swastika Bearers in Ukraine

Myself and many others Canadians do not support the actions/activities undertaken by the regime in Ottawa– Sorry Kaz, but, that’s how I see them.

Trudeau stands beside Chrystia Freeland (Ukrainazi) everyday. Of course he needs her to hold him upright. Or pull his strings.

And he sends Canadian tax dollars to train terrorists, human rights abusers and thugs in Ukraine.
Remember Justin Trudeau’s words in Parliament? Regarding those supporters of the truck/freedom convoy and the weeks long party in Ottawa- Oh yes it was a party!
I certainly recall PM Trudeau’s words. As well as the dictatorial actions that followed.

If you don’t, directly below is a brief reminder. Plus, I’ll include a link back to my original report on PM Trudeau’s disgusting display at that time as well as his fascist follow up.

Come on boys and girls let’s stroll down the bad memory lane. Together

Ottawa Citizen: Canada failed when it trained Ukrainian troops linked to the far right, says Nazi hunter

And it’s way more then just first aid- It’s everything. Do take particular notice of the obfuscating, word play and despicable lying of Canadian officials

The Canadian Forces says it had no obligation to be entirely certain of the backgrounds of those soldiers it trained in Ukraine.

Better to not be to sure when one is training terrorists, right?

Nazi hunter and Holocaust scholar says Canada failed when it allowed Ukrainian military personnel connected to far-right groups to receive training as recently as 17 months ago.

Radio Canada reported Monday that Canadian military personnel trained both members of the far-right Azov regiment as well as at least one Ukrainian soldier who sported the crest of a Nazi SS unit from the Second World War. The training took place in November 2020.

It started before Nov 2020 and continues to this day- Training. Weapons. And more

Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel said in an interview with this newspaper that Canada failed to properly monitor its own military training program. “The Canadian government didn’t do its due diligence,” he said. “It’s the responsibility of the Canadian defence ministry to know exactly who they are training.”

There is no question that there are neo-Nazis in different forms in Ukraine, whether they are in the Azov regiment or other organizations,” he added.

Defence sources acknowledged the crest worn by the Ukrainian soldier in Canadian military photos is the insignia of Ukraine’s SS unit which fought for the Nazis. The other photos show Ukrainian troops with insignia linked to the Azov unit.

Canadian Forces Capt. Véronique Sabourin said all Canadian military members training Ukrainian troops were given information to help them recognize patches and insignia associated with right-wing extremism. Ukraine is responsible for vetting its own personnel, she added.

Recognize the patches but train the thug anyway? Okay.

The Azov unit, sometimes known as a battalion or a regiment, has been formerly incorporated into the Ukrainian military. But its connections to the far-right have long been recognized. In 2017, Canada’s Joint Task Force Ukraine produced a briefing on the Azov Battalion, acknowledging its links to Nazi ideology. “Multiple members of Azov have described themselves as Nazis,” the Canadian officers warned in their briefing.

In 2018, the U.S. Congress banned the use of U.S. funds to provide arms, training and other assistance to the Azov Battalion because of its links to the far-right and neo-Nazis. The UN and Amnesty International have accused the unit of human rights violations.

Some Jewish groups have watched with concern as journalists have lionized the unit or made excuses for its actions by pointing out there are only a few neo-Nazis in the organization. ( That’s a lie) Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency reportedly removed Azov from its international terrorist list.

Still, the far-right (NAZI supremacist, thug- terrorist) sympathies of some Ukrainian military units have proved to be a problem. NATO recently used Twitter to highlight women in Ukraine’s military but had to pull the tweet after social media users pointed out women pictured were wearing Nazi-affiliated insignia.

Others have claimed allegations made against the Azov regiment are part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Zuroff dismisses such claims. “It’s not Russian propaganda, far from it,” he explained. “These people are neo-Nazis. There is an element of the ultra-right in Ukraine and it’s absurd to ignore it.”

In June 2018, Canadian officials, including military personnel, met with leaders of the Azov unit. But despite knowing about the neo-Nazi links, the officials didn’t denounce the unit. Instead, they were concerned the news media would expose details of the get-together, according to National Defence documents. The Canadians allowed themselves to be photographed with unit members, which Azov then used for its propaganda purposes.

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