Joe Biden’s Lend-Lease Massive Arms Shipment for Ukraine

In a previous report it was stated here, at PFYT’s, that the war in Ukraine is already a NATO proxy war. Led by the US. It’s obvious.

These two reports should make that contention crystal clear.

What should also be clear is the purported left loves war. It’s always been the case despite clever cover ups by colluding channelers of spooks and other war mongering agencies.


The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a measure on Wednesday that could potentially turn the tide of the war between Russia and Ukraine in Ukraine’s favor.

Senators passed the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 that will grant President Joe Biden more authority to provide the Ukrainian government with defensive equipment and allow him to overcome bureaucratic barriers.

The bill is designed to remove obstacles to providing military equipment to Ukraine and, if passed by the House of Representatives and signed by Biden, it would effectively allow the U.S. to gift equipment to Ukraine, while technically requiring payment at a later date

A date that will never arrive- The US wants this war and is doing all it can to keep the killing going.

Ukraine Is Getting a Massive Shipment of Arms to Battle Russia

What’s In Biden’s Latest $800 Million Package for Ukraine? – On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced an additional $800 million worth of military assistance to Ukraine. The latest military aid package to Ukraine brings the total investment from the United States in Ukraine’s defense since the beginning of the invasion on February 24 to $2.5 billion.

That is 2.5 BILLION dollars

The package was agreed upon after extensive conversations between the U.S. and Ukraine, and after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued calls to NATO forces to supply aircraft, artillery, tanks, and more.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the package was particularly significant as it contains 155mm Howitzers – a family of tank-like field artillery pieces commonly used by the armed forces of the United States, India, Canada, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

According to a slide shared by the Pentagon, the latest package includes the following military equipment:

18 155mm Howitzers as well as 40,000 artillery rounds
10 AN/TPQ-36 counter-artillery radars
Two AN-MPQ-64 Sentinel air surveillance radars
300 Switchblade Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems
500 Javelin missiles and thousands of other anti-armor systems

200 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers
100 Armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles
11 Mi-17 helicopters
Unmanned Coastal Defense Vessels
Protective equipment suitable for use in biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare

Medical equipment
30,000 sets of body armor with helmets
More than 2,000 optics and laser rangefinders
C-4 explosives and demolition equipment for obstacle clearing
M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel munitions

My understanding is the equipment is shipped to NATO nations around surrounding Ukraine, before being moved into Ukraine itself. Poland is undoubtedly playing a large role in weapons transport. For all intents and purposes NATO is attacking Russia using Ukraine as a proxy.

Hattip BMan!- Bad, Bad Uncle Sam

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I hear ya Penny.
I listened to the Hal Turner Show last night for an hour and we were baffled at how these anti-ship missiles got past the ships defenses?!?! You know the Flagship is State of the Art.

As far as I know.

measures against, anti ship missiles aren’t really proven. Its something more in the line of, having something than having nothing.

The same counts for American ships, their countermeasures against anti-ship missiles are in the same boat.

Not sure if you’re aware the last line of defense for a ship…the Close-In Weapon System (CIWS). They’re generally regarded as very effective in stopping aerial threats to the ship.
Here’s an example of one…the Phalanx System:
I actually worked on electronics for the radar of the Phalanx.

The Russians have a similar system.

I am aware of CIWS, its with that in mind that I wrote this.

Anti-Ship missiles currently are at supersonic or hypersonic speed. doesn’t give enough time for CIWS to do its thing.

Hi Kaz,
I just realized the Phalanx certainly won’t be effective against DEW systems.

And you KNOW they’re(NATO) aching to try out their new weapons.

Hi FreakedOut2
I’m not sold on this being a Ukrainian missile attack- the US didn’t confirm initially- think they have now- but…not a first
I don’t know what it could be?

April 16, 2022 at 5:17 pm
“the Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)”

thanks I went to read the wiki entry

worked on the electronics..means electrical engineer?

April 16, 2022 at 5:19 pm • Edit

Sabotage? FF?

I was leaning towards sabotage. Infiltration aboard the ship.T hen the possibility is that someone else fired at the ship? Not sure who else has ships in the area, but, it’s possible

Another possibility and my most likely – The Ukrainians have been mining the sea (Azov and the Black Sea) and the mines have been ending up in the strangest of places- It’s possible the ship hit a free floating mine.

I would imagine the Russian navy was sweeping for mines for awhile as I remember hearing of mines in the Black Sea several days ago.

I did a couple of posts on this issue but here’s a news article

“Turkey’s military deactivated a mine on Saturday that had drifted in from the Black Sea, setting off a loud explosion north of Istanbul, days after Russia warned several of them had washed away from Ukrainian ports.”

Akar put forth the idea that these mines could be improperly deployed to justify some sort of intervention.
I’m sure Russia is sweeping, but, speculating could they miss one? It seems possible

Since last weekend, the Turkish navy has detected and defused several drifting naval or sea mines

I wonder how the Turkish Navy was able to detect these untethered mines but not the Russian Navy?

I’m still thinking a possible DEW attack on the MOSKVA.

Hey FreakedOut2:

Mostly Turkey was notified by individuals- one was seen by a fisherman- once they were aware they were able to sweep for them
Plus they talked worked with Romania and Russia as well

working with divers to defuse.

It’s been an ongoing problem. and probably one that could easily be missed (I’m a novice) but sometimes what seems most likely probably is

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