Trudeau Jumps the Shark

The beginning of the end = Jumping the Shark

The beginning of the end. Something is said to have “jumped the shark” when it has reached its peak and begun a downhill slide to mediocrity or oblivion.

Scott at Nomadiceveryman did a video too

You all may recall the so called nazi symbol at the protest?

Possible copyright infringement but not a swastika.

Trudeau gets up and leaves parliament!

Trudeau is done!

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Hey GC
were you able to watch Scott’s video?
I was in draft version, but, is not appearing in the posted version?
Anyway there is a link to Scott’s place to watch it there

Trudeau was so insulting to everybody- the biggest issue will be what he said to the Jewish person, but, he took a swipe at people who didn’t get the vaccine- a real arrogant arsehole. Same as he always was

thanks for the mention Rose. Looks like Justin might just be on his way out. Lots of folks even MSM types are offended by his flippant remarks and smear tactics.

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