The Treacherous Tyrant That Is Trudeau

And the sycophantic NDP that supported the imposition of martial law in Canada. Started working on the report below this morning. This evening I came across the HuffPost article featured in today’s earlier post

Clearly I’m feeling the tyrant vibe. Strong and persistent. First we’ll read some of what Trudeau stated about his emergency edict.

There’s no doubt the past few weeks have been difficult, that the past few years have been painful, or that there are still challenges we’ll have to face. But we cannot allow anger to divide us. Now is the time to work together – and to start healing as a nation.”

“There’s a lesson for all of us in what happened this month. We don’t know when this pandemic is going to end, but that doesn’t mean we cannot start healing as a nation,” said Trudeau.

The pandemic is over. It’s done. Boris Johnson understands this reality-“Britain drops last remaining COVID-19 restrictions, will treat it like the flu

The British government is dropping the last remaining COVID-19 restrictions in England and announced that health officials will start managing the virus in the same way as seasonal flu.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement on Monday as he unveiled the government’s “Living with COVID” strategy.

Mr. Johnson has now gone further than leaders in most developed countries and effectively declared that the pandemic is over in England. While he stressed that “COVID will not suddenly disappear,” he said it was no longer necessary to restrict “the liberties of the British people.”

But Trudeau, who has run this country like a tin pot dictator these past two years can’t face this reality because he desperately wants to hang on to his accumulated power.
I ask, when did Trudeau ever strive to ‘work together’? Never.
When did Trudeau work to aid the “healing as a nation”? He didn’t. Trudeau had a golden opportunity during the trucker protests to start the healing of this nation. The very nation he divided so viciously. Instead he ramped up the name calling and demonizing by increasing his stigmatization of an entire segment of the Canadian public. Intentionally.
In order to enshrine his dictatorship, Trudeau equated the emergency measures vote, to a ‘no confidence’ vote. Therefore if it didn’t pass it would trigger an election. Since no one wants another election, Trudeau manipulated the situation to his dictatorial advantage.
As I’d rightly stated in my 2015 post, Trudeau was going to be divisive and oppressive (curtailing our rights) He’s done that in spades (to a very high degree) by enacting the emergencies act aka war measures act for no good reason.
This sets a dangerous precedent for Canada. Clearly the MP’s in the Liberal and NDP party are devoid of conscience and/or critical thinking capabilities.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association,:

Contrary to claims by the Trudeau government, the CCLA said, “the emergency orders that are currently in effect are not targeted. They are not limited to specific protests, or specific geographic locations. They are expansive emergency orders that … apply across the entire country. The orders are also broad in scope. They place unprecedented limits on peaceful assembly.

“They require financial institutions to turn over personal financial information to CSIS and the RCMP, and to freeze the bank accounts and cut off financial services provided to anyone who has attended, or who has provided assistance to those participating in a prohibited assembly –- all without judicial oversight.

“The broad powers the government has granted to police curtail Charter rights across the country. This risk of abuse is high. The emergency declaration should be immediately revoked.”

The CCLA, already in Federal Court seeking a judicial review of Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, outlined prior to Monday’s vote why it believes the prime minister’s decision to extend the law’s application is deeply flawed.

Saskatchewan considering a challenge to the overreach of the Trudeau Liberals

Interim Conservative Leader has given notice of motion to revoke the emergencies act

It should be noted that the actions taken by the tyrannical Trudeau have demonstrated very clearly that the truckers/freedom convoy protestors were spot on. They were protesting massive government over reach. And Trudeau has and is continuing that extreme over reach. The truckers and their fellow protestors were correct. They had identified the problem and the main source of it. If only more Canadians had eyes to see and ears that hear.

One final thought: The bought and paid for media bears responsibility for their role in this situation. CBC. CTV. Global. Those three provided the vast majority of the most despicable coverage of the protests. The Toronto Star was the most slavish(behaving in a servile or submissive way) in it’s newsprint coverage.

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I’m curious: who owns the CBC, CTV, and Global? Is it the same little hat wearing weirdos that own NBC, CBS, and ABC (and every OTHER media outlet in America)?

I bet a dollar to a donut it is.

Hey BMan
CBC is our state propaganda outlet.
CTV is owned by Bell Media
Global is owned by Corus Media- Shaw
Someone had dug further into their ownership- board members etc.,
I’m not sure who is included on boards or what investors may be participating owners.
I do know the Liberal gov kicked a ton of money to these networks just before the pandemic

then subsidized them further with endless pandemic commercials
sickening. In plain talk the Trudeau liberals bought and paid for the media to sing the official narrative- loudly and clearly
I suspect the market in the US is different because it’s so much larger and has international reach.

Hubby talks about leaving, but, we have family here. Older parents, child and grandchild.
It would be very difficult because once gone we wouldn’t likely be allowed back. We talk about heading west. Canada present time is not the Canada of my childhood or my younger years. It’s ugly and hateful filled with the self righteous who are wrong

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