New Zealand Family Wants More Teenagers to Die from Covid Jab?


The family of a third person whose death is considered linked to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine don’t want the teen’s case to be used to undermine vaccination efforts in Aotearoa. 

Director-general of health Ashley Bloomfield said an independent board had reached the conclusion it was likely the person’s death was vaccine-related but that health teams would never know conclusively. 

Bloomfield did not provide the person’s specific age when addressing media this afternoon but said they were a teenager. 

He added their family also didn’t want the death to put people off being vaccinated or for it to be used by groups to try and undermine vaccination efforts in New Zealand

In a statement last night, the Ministry of Health said the board had first reviewed the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring’s report of a death in December 2021 but at the time there was not enough information to determine the potential role of the vaccine. 

“This is a tragic circumstance, and the board expresses their sympathy to the individual’s whānau and friends,” the ministry said. 

In March 2022, the board met to consider all information available that showed the person had myocarditis at the time of death. 

The person had received a dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in the weeks prior to their death. They did not have any symptoms before they died. 

As a parent, I’d sure want other parents to think risk vs benefit for their children. In a rational manner.

My husband is less kind in his evaluation of parents who are alleged to make these types of statements.

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Hi Penny:
I’d be interested in hearing your reactions, if any, to the new Dr. Ardis theory about Snake mRNA in the VaxxxZines, Penny. I have a penny if you need one…; )

If I didn’t try to stop my child from getting jabbed, I might desperately want to believe his/her death wasn’t the fault of the vaccine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

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