Media Lies: Most Donations Were From Canadians

And the media bullies. As they out and intentionally shame people who donated. While exposing them to harassment from the dumbed down public.

The media had been spinning this idea that the convoy was ‘foreign funded’- therefore foreigners were influencing the convoy. However the second claim is intended to be interpreted by the consumer ?

It appears selective data was used to create that idea- As more data is passed into the public sphere it appears it was Canadians who donated the larger proportion of funds- as previously reported.

We have to consider the possibility that some of these ‘foreign’ donations are Canadian citizens, living and or working abroad. Particularly in the US near to the border.

Globe and Mail

Data analysis shows that just over 50 per cent of donations were said to originate in Canada, totalling US$4.3-million. Another 43 per cent, or US$3.6-million, were said to originate from the United States.

The sheer number of donors suggests that organizers tapped into a community of “true believers” both in Canada and beyond, according to Stephanie Carvin, an international affairs professor at Carleton University.

“This movement raised more money in a week than all the political parties in Canada did in the fourth quarter combined,” she said. “This is not an insignificant amount of money.”

The donation data seem to confirm that funding for these protests is largely home-brewed in Canada and the U.S., Prof. Carvin continued, and is not coming from state actors such as Russia and China, as many have speculated.

As many liars in the msm have ‘speculated’? Or should I say, planted that idea in the mind of the susceptible.

The fact that so many people believed in the ideas of freedom, sovereignty and personal choice while also being willing to support this must have scared the Liberal minority government here in Canada

That’s right Trudeau’s Liberal government is a minority.

A small fringe minority with unacceptable views.

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