‘The time is absolutely right’ for pandemic measures to lift

And look what the Trudeau government is engaged in! Terrorizing it’s citizens. I’m flabbergasted.


Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, an infectious diseases physician at Trillium Health Partners, told CTV News Channel on Thursday he thinks the approaching easing of pandemic measures is safe.

“The time is absolutely right,” he said. “Nobody is saying COVID is gone – we are going to be dealing with this in our field for a time to come – but it no longer needs to be the central focus of everybody’s attention, and I think that this is going to be really good for us to get back to aspects of our lives that have been neglected for the past two years.”

Chakrabarti also said the time is right to end vaccine passport schemes, as Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta all plan to do in the coming weeks.

“I think this passport could have been dropped way before,” Chakrabarti said.

While the vaccine protects against serious illness, hospitalization and death, real-world evidence now shows that it does not specifically prevent against the transmission of COVID-19, Chakrabarti said, meaning that requiring a passport for entry into businesses and other spaces does not necessarily stop the virus from spreading.

“As such, there’s really no scientific rationale for using it,” Chakrabarti said.

How long ago were readers here informed of this reality? Let’s refresh our memories. Back at my big tech censored blog..

May 21/2021- Oh my that was close to a year ago!! How did I know?

I thought about the reality vs the lies. That’s it. I simply applied my critical thinking skills to the issue. Sadly so many lack any ability to think critically. Preferring to conform, comply and follow the edicts of people who don’t have their best interests at heart. I don’t understand this.

To all the double/triple jabbed. You did nothing to end the pandemic. You were never going to. It was impossible. You clearly demonstrated a willingness to serve interests other then your own.

Virtue signalling is neither virtue or virtuous.

You can find the archived post here

Drop the mandates and the vaxx passports now! It was all Trudeau had to do. Instead he created a crisis in Canada while terrorizing it’s citizens

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It appears as if today is the day that law enforcement will move on the convoy- there is one live streamer documenting the placement of hundreds of officers- they’ve brought in vehicles to transport the people out of the area- multiple large vehicle two trucks – police may be on the move right now- entering the area

Thanks Penny. I’ve not had any replies to my e-mails. Hope you have other means of contact. Sorry about that stomach flu. Get better soonest.

Well, that hurts (not really). I thought anyone who actually looked at my website would know I’ve been busy all day along researching for live videos and news, and posting links in my side panel. And I did reply to M.R.’s emails, so maybe her internet provider has banned me?

Sorry about that, Yaya. Your replies did not come through (sent mine on 16th & 18th) and I just checked again — nada. Glad to see your comment here today. I’ll try again after your Sunday Report.

There’s no outage. Multiple tests sent from my husband (shaw & other e-mail accounts) did not appear in my inbox either. I’ll have to phone support next week. (Also nothing went into “junk” by accident either). Surgite with your report. Bettin’ it’s a doozy.

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