Canadian Media LIES-Confirmed! CSIS At Odds with Trudeau/Media Claims

Not that I required the confirmation. This is KNOWN FACT. If you haven’t woken up to the reality, yet, than, it’s way past time to do so. Everything is spun and obfuscated. It’s perception management all the time! All the time!

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Convoy money didn’t come from ‘foreign actors,’ CSIS told officials during protest

In a summary of a Feb. 6 call tabled with the inquiry examining the government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to deal with the convoy protest, David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), described what his service was seeing.

"There [are] no foreign actors identified at this point supporting or financing this convoy," the call summary said. “FINTRAC is supporting this work/assessment and the banks are also

“CSIS has also not seen any foreign money coming from other states to support this. There is not a lot (of) energy and support from the USA to Canada.”

"CSIS has lookouts throughout and they have been quite effective," says the summary. "There is no major organization of truckers coming from the USA to Canada as part of this convoy. It is primarily a domestic issue."

Vigneault also downplayed the presence of extremists among the convoy protesters.

What a manipulative statement- The lying media played up the falsity of this claim- Lying media. CBC. CTV. Global. Toronto Star. etc.,

The report of Vigneault’s comments seems to contradict part of the government’s rationale for invoking the Emergencies Act.

“The protests have become a rallying point for anti-government and anti-authority, anti-vaccination, conspiracy theory and white supremacist groups throughout Canada and other Western countries,” the government wrote in its statement on invoking the act.

Seems to contradict? It obviously contradicts the lies of the Trudeau regime!

The media and the Trudeau government LIED. That is the reality

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Just an observation: The ever spinning media is still at it. Every bit of coverage regarding inquiry into Trudeau’s use of the emergencies act (war measures) is being spun, still, to demonize the protestors- even thought it is VERY CLEAR the politicians are the exact weasels we’d have expected them to be- Machiavelli would have smiled

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