Canadians Donated Most $$$ For Freedom Convoy- Not Americans

Contrary to the ever spinning media claim!
This was not a mostly foreign financed movement. It was Canadian!

Canucks gave their bucks!

Or should I say their Loonies & Toonies?

Loonie 1$ …. Toonie 2$

Most donations for Freedom Convoy came from Canada and NOT the US

Leaked data from the hacked GiveSendGo site revealed that most of the money raised for the Freedom Convoy did come from Canada and not the US – contradicting claims by the embattled Canadian prime minister.

Canadians donated $4.31 million to the anti-vaccine mandate protest while making up less than a third of all donors, compared with the $3.62 million given by Americans, according to the data. The rest of the $8.7 million came from the UK and several other countries.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had claimed that the majority of the donations came from foreign sources.

Justin Trudeau LIED! You can’t be shocked by that? He’s lied so much! The majority of the donors were American. But the majority of donation money was from Canadians! Canadians supported their freedom convoy.

Despite large donations from American’s, Canadian’s still made up the bulk of the support with Brad Howland, president of a New Brunswick-based company that makes pressure washers, donating $75,000, commenting: ‘Hold the line!’

Other large donations included $25,000 from an Ontario-based car dealership chain and $20,000 from an Ontario-based community and family support organization.

Several Canadian public employees also appeared on the list of donors, including a Quebec man who donated $102 from a Correctional Service of Canada email address, the National Post reported.

It must be made clear that a number of provincial premiers are not impressed with Trudeau’s move.

“’Therefore, Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act.’

In Quebec, which was subjected to a controversial war-powers crackdown in 1970 by Justin Trudeau’s father, Premier François Legault also spoke out opposing the sweeping measure. ‘I was very clear: we do not want a federal state of emergency on the territory of Quebec,‘ Legault told reporters, according to the Montreal Gazette.

“I am not currently satisfied the Emergencies Act should be applied in Manitoba. Winnipeg’s situation is dramatically different from the one in Ottawa,’ she added.

Unsurprisingly, Doug Ford here in Ontario favours the move. Let’s face it he’s a toadie. I’ve said it before, and am saying it again. Toadie.

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Forgive me for pointing out that calling them “Toadie” is not nearly harsh enough punishment.

There is a simple solution for murderers and tyrants pushing a death agenda.

I’m pushing for the death penalty of the American murderers. I hope the same happens to the Canadian murderers.

You’re correct BMan on the deserving of death penalty (and that’s rare for me to say as I’m not generally a supporter, but we don’t have the death penalty in Canada. We’ll have to settle for rotting in jail

PS: the oped from that woman was removed, by me- figured she’d keep her whatever she’s got going on, on.

Was it something I wrote?

I have no patience with these people anymore. You obviously weren’t trying to take credit for anything she wrote.

It was her. She signed up to follow, so she was obviously going to stay and harass. I’d considered blocking her, but, then I thought to myself why not unpublish? So I did. Some things just aren’t worth the aggravation.

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