PCR covid tests are not very useful. Focus on rapid antigen tests instead.

For most of the pandemic, Americans have been told PCR testing is the gold standard. But in most situations, it is not.

Whaat? For the entirety of the pandemic we’ve been told the PCR is the gold standard for testing. Now, The media deigns to tell us it’s not? Thanks for nothing legacy media. Those that payed attention already knew this!

Everything about testing for covid-19 appears overly complicated. It is no wonder Americans are confused — and getting angry. So here’s a way to simplify our testing game plan: Let’s sideline polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests in favor of rapid antigen tests.

First, most PCR tests have a long lag between sample collection and test result. A result that takes longer than 18 hours is of little use for people trying to make decisions.

Second, PCR tests can detect viral particles many days after infection, which might not indicate contagiousness. From an individual standpoint, there is no good reason to get a PCR test at this stage of a widespread pandemic.

Meanwhile, rapid antigen tests have four advantages.

1- First, if you have covid-19 symptoms such as fatigue, fever, cough, or loss of smell and taste, an antigen test can quickly confirm the diagnosis

2- Second, antigen tests can help inform someone with covid-19 whether they should end isolation.

3-Third, antigen tests can help assure people that it is safe to visit someone who is at high risk of serious problems because of covid-19.

4- Finally, antigen tests can be used for screening in schools.

The push for rapid antigen testing has always been proof of vaccine failure.

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So, I have been pondering how we might know that these tests work any better than the PCR (which we know was used for false positives to run up the fear factor).

What is the methodology? Why wasn’t it used to begin with?

At this point, we (you and I and others who have paid attention) should NEVER trust the official pronouncements regarding this scamdemic. If they have been lying about the PCR test for this long (about 2 years or more), then why in hell would we believe what they say now?

I mean, if they have knowingly used a bogus test for the numbers, why would I think they won’t do the same with this test?

Hey BMan: believe me I understand your concerns.
Here’s one difference between the two that makes, I think, the difference.

The PCR test was manipulated based on the numbers of cycles that were done- we know anything over 25 was pretty much dead material (not indicating contagiousness)
Yet the test was regularly cycled at 35, 45 and higher.
That’s how the high case numbers were attained.

The RAT test is swab your nose, use the solution, wait and your done.
I can see the ability to manipulate the results with them?

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