Pt.3: Vaccines Not Silver Bullets- A Fact Realized Sooner With More Scientific Debate

Misguided Mandates

One reason for the jab mandates was the claim it would end the pandemic. That was always completely bogus.The second bogus excuse for the mandate was the vaccinated wouldn’t spread the virus- This is how the ‘vaxx passport’ and the inevitable discrimination was justified.

The vaxxed transmitted the virus. And they continue to transmit. As well as get sick and die. The elderly still die in the largest numbers, same as before the jab that was supposed to protect them.


That vaccines would get us to a vaccine-based herd immunity had been one of the two main scientific justifications for vaccine mandates. Now it was gone.

The other justification for mandates had been that the vaccinated don’t transmit the virus.

Dr. Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunotherapy lab at Bar-Ilan University, and adviser to the Israeli government on vaccine trials, said that with respect to transmission with Omicron, “we don’t see virtually any difference … between people vaccinated and nonvaccinated,” adding “both get infected with the virus, more or less at the same pace.” The rancour that we, the vaccinated, are increasingly directing against the unvaccinated, fuels itself by remaining wilfully oblivious of this later painful truth: we too spread, to ourselves, and to the unvaccinated, as they to us and each other.

The vitriolic vaxxed have over stimulated amygdalas. They’ve taken leave of their senses. And have become completely irrational and out of touch with reality.

The master narrative was silent about natural immunity and its relationship to vaccination status. Many scientist-physicians, from prominent universities in the U.S. with specialties in public health, argue that one can be for the use of the COVID vaccine, but also against mandating it for unvaccinated people who are already immune.

Those unvaccinated people who were exposed to the virus, make up a huge number. For instance, in the U.S., according to a Columbia University study, by Jan. 31, 2021 (before many vaccines had been given) 10 months into the pandemic, 120 million Americans had natural immunity. Now, 12 months later, with the much more infectious Delta and Omicron variants, it is likely a highly significant majority of the unvaccinated now have natural immunity.

The Vaccinated and Their Negative Vaccine Effectiveness

Then on Jan. 1, 2022, a study of vaccine effectiveness against getting infection in Ontario – not yet peer-reviewed – showed a trend that had already shown up in Denmark. It examined provincial data and was authored by members of Public Health Ontario, ICES, the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, UHN, and other major Ontario university and health programs.

They found two things of note. The first was that “VE [vaccine effectiveness against getting infection] against Omicron was only 37% > 7 days following a third dose.” That doesn’t mean that those in the other 63 per cent who did get the infection might not have got some protection from severe infection, but the authors were unable to measure protection from severity from the data that had.

The second finding was more dramatic:, “We also observed negative VE against Omicron among those who had received 2 doses compared to unvaccinated individuals.” Translation: Negative VE means that the vaccinated got more infections than the unvaccinated.

The vaccinated get more Covid infections then the unvaxxed. This explains why multiple double jabbed co workers at hubby’s place of employment contracted Covid. While those that were unvaxxed DID NOT!

That “negative finding” they noted, had already been observed elsewhere. “In the Danish study, there was no significant protection against Omicron infection beyond 31 days” after the second dose of the Pfizer. The Danes also found significant negative VE estimates 91-150 days after the second dose.The Danish study showed those vaccinated with the Pfizer had a 76.5 per cent greater chance of getting infected than unvaccinated people. With the Moderna, the vaccinated had a 36.7 per cent greater chance of getting infected than the unvaccinated after 90 days.

The authors discuss how negative vaccine effectiveness finding might arise. It may not mean that the vaccine actually decreases the person’s immunity. (Though it could) There could be confounding factors. One possible explanation they raise is that in Ontario, a vaccine certificate system was introduced in the fall of 2021, and only those who had two doses could travel by air, rail, go to bars, gyms, etc., and so they may have had more social contacts than the unvaccinated who were shut in. But even if true it would still mean that the vaccines are not protecting us as much as we’d like, which is nothing to celebrate.

Another possible explanation the authors raise is “the possibility that antigenic imprinting could impact the immune response to Omicron.” It had been observed in the past that the immune system is highly influenced by the first exposure to a microbe (antigen) that it encounters. It’s called “original antigenic sin.” When a second exposure occurs, to a similar but not identical microbe, the immune system reacts as though it is targeting the original microbe. But the new invader isn’t the original, and so the immune system is actually less effective in dealing with this. In essence the immune system is weakened for a microbe too similar to its first similar exposure. This phenomenon was originally described as occurring in influenza on occasion. This is only a theoretical possibility here, not proven for COVID, but now a matter of scientific discussion. The negative vaccine efficacy has since shown up in Iceland, and the U.K. as well. The Ontario authors are to be applauded for thoughtfully laying out some possibilities to think through, so as to determine what might be the cause.

Vinayak Prasad, the UCSF epidemiologist, says if you put the Danish, Ontario, U.S., and Kaiser studies about Omicron together, “it’s time to face the reality about the vaccines.”

Two doses of vaccine does nothing or almost nothing to stop symptomatic SARS-CoV-2,” he says. “Three doses barely does anything, and the effect will likely attenuate over time.” He says, “Booster mandates make no sense. … Boosting should happen in populations where it further reduces severe disease and death – a.k.a. older and vulnerable people.”

If you’ve been reading my work since 2020, you’ll be fully aware that the vaccines were going to fail. They were leaky. Not properly tested. With no long term studies to support a single claim that was made about their benefit.

The risk associated with them is an entirely different story. The dead with vaxx. The damaged hearts. Paralysis. Face and limbs. Blood disorders. Immune dysfunction. The largest experiment ever conducted on humanity. Medical. Psychological. Militarized medical totalitarianism. Most are still to blinded with fear to see what’s right in front of them

The excerpts contained within the 3 post series should be enough encouragement to read the entire Globe and Mail article. It’s limited in scope. Not nearly as condemning as it would be if I’d written it. But it’s definitely signalling a big change in the narrative.

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Dr Mark Trozzi
January 23, 2022
And these idiots are cited as “experts” to whom the Canadian public should listen? How very precise are those who tell us to “trust the science”!

0-26-2021 FDA approved injecting children 5-11 years. Dr Rubin shockingly admits experimental & unknown safety of “vaccine”, but pushes approval regardless.

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way.” — Émile Zola

Nova Scotia COVID deal pays out $65 million to Nova Scotia doctors

Nova Scotia government launched a (bribery?) program in May 2020 to protect doctors’ incomes that paid out $65 million over four months to nearly 600 physicians.?

While front-line nursing home workers making on average $17 an hour fought for pandemic top-up pay, the Nova Scotia government launched a program to protect doctors’ incomes that paid out $65 million over four months to nearly 600 physicians.

In April 2020,?just?weeks after the pandemic hit, Doctors Nova Scotia and the province reached a deal?to make sure doctors were paid and would be available during the health-care crisis.

The Chronicle Herald obtained details of the “income stability” program?through a freedom of information request. The documents included?individual amounts paid out to each of the 579 doctors who participated in the program. The payments averaged more than $110,000 per doctor for a four-month period.

ISNT IT INTERESTING — that this program had to be uncovered by a Freedom of Information request — I guess ALL participants didn’t want the public to know about these secret payments

AND– >$110K each is a HUGE incentive to keep your eyes, ears and mouth shut whether the narrative of the NS Health Ministry was good or bad for your patients health — it never pays to argue with those providing your income!!


Brian That is the stuff I like to see with some fact behind it. More and more of this stuff has to get out. I don’t like the feeling of eating insects the rest of my life.
Also keep up the good work Penny.

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