Hey Doc, WTF is in the Jab?

hattip Brent!

This scares me as well. For the many people I know that took the jab

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There will come a time when this is seen as the greatest medical failure of all time. But will the head’s roll that need to roll?

I am sad for the dupes who fell for this scam.

Hey BMan:
I’ve been thinking about the virus, no virus argument. And here’s something I’ve been thinking about.
What if it is the condition aka the terrain that creates the virus- which then spreads through similar terrain. (Terrain in this case being humans with multiple comorbidities)

So we’re talking .. What came first the chicken or the egg?

Way back I recall an interview with Carl Heneghan he was commenting on the unknown conditions that result in the creation of a virus. And how the virus can disappear as quickly as it came. That would have to be when the conditions change that support the existence of the virus, right?

Florence Nightingale said something along these lines- there is no disease there are only disease conditions.

Summarizing the conditions/terrain give birth to the virus or bacteria or germ (whichever) alter the terrain kill the virus, bacteria or the germ.

So rather then having the virus begetting the disease we have the terrain/condition generating the virus which then spreads
Which would negate the germ theory as the impetus for the disease but would not indicate there are no such things as germs, viruses or bacteria -whichever
Not either or perhaps just the wrong way of thinking about it?

Why would anyone trust Big Pharma? Pfizer just asked the courts to let them keep all their data secret until 2075. The courts have given them until March 1st to release the data. That data IS ‘the Science’. So the message ‘safe and effective’ is based on just Pharma’s say so. Not knowing what’s in the vaccines? But the government is threatening people into submitting to them.
Anyone accepting this blindly has either been scared shi tless and is effectively operating under Stockholm syndrome, or they’re sort of dumb. What else explains this wholesale blind trust of Big Pharma, politicians, and bureaucrats.

got it gallier2!
it was in the spam
I’m going to look at it and hope others do as well.
I like this comment
“Don’t do your research on Google, they censor anything regarding to that topic.
You can also find many videos on and bitchute.”

They censor everything- yesterday I tried to search Carl Heneghan from Oxford U -doctor medicine
and the results came back Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz
Used duck duck go and first page, what I was looking for, was there!

btw: how is gallier the elder? He’s been quiet. hoping all is okay?

Interesting. What does Mr Emmanual Macron have to say about all this? Has it largely gone ignored as he keeps himself busy ostracizing vast swathes of the population or working to get his war machine bolstered?
In some ways he reminds me of Justin Trudeau. That’s not complimentary either!

They try to ridicule the thing. Do threat that they will sue but nothing will happen in that regard. If they sued, there would be a discovery phase where the “juge d’instruction” (executing judge) would have to compile all the documents, this is the last thing that they would like to avoid.
The case presented by Faits&Document is much deeper and serious than the story of the sex change, which is only a small aspect of the case. Xavier Poussard, the redactor of F&D, only added the data that was compiled by Natash Rey who investigated that aspect for 1 or 2 years now.
As for Macron himself, he cannot say anything about it.
The problem with that story is the implication concerning Macron, it is one thing if a 39 year old cougar seduces a 16 year old teenager, it is a whole other one if a 45 year old pederast rapes a 14 year old (the discrepancy in ages is one of the revelation of the dossier).
So while a lot of people dismiss the story as the usual conspiracy crap, there are a lot of people that take the story extremely seriously.

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