Trudeau Covers For Jab Failure to Work as Sold, Resorts to Identity Politics

Yup, Trudeau was giving comfort to big pharma for the vaccines that were never going to end the “pandemic”. The jab was definitely going to make massive profits at the expense of the people. In more ways then one. How to cover for big pharam if you’re a lackey? Deflect, of course Blaming those that made well informed decisions in their best health interests-

Trudeau is showing his nasty Totalitarian Streak that’s for sure!

Canadians are ‘angry’ with the unvaccinated: Trudeau

Why would anyone be angry at the ‘unvaxxed’ when it’s the vaccinated spreading the virus. Fully vaxxed contractors and spreaders. From one to another.

Right now I know of 5 fully vaxxed individuals who have contracted this virus. Since the “vaccine” could not ever impede transmission. This was known even before the jabs were foisted on the public what else could one realistically expect.

Understanding the reality, not the spin, it’s very clear that Trudeau’s rhetoric is intentionally divisive and inflammatory. A leader this man is not!

Canadians should be irate at the harmful response to the virus, including the questionable jabs and the deadly lockdowns. Or is that deadly jabs and questionable lockdowns?

Turdeau has always fomented division- Like Trump, but, he’s a smoother operator.

Neither Mandates Or Jabs Stopped the Spread

Pandemic of the Vaccinated Continues…

Vaccine Fail From Ontario’s official source

Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting

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Latest update:
Make that 7 fully vaxxed persons that are now sick with covid.

The vaccine does not and cannot stop transmission. All the unvaxxed people I know, including myself, remain free from illness (to date)

” … beds are filled with people who chose not to get vaccinated” …

That’s an assumption, of course, not a fact. In Kingston, Ont, quite a number of people who were double-vaxxed are in hospital, in ICU and on ventilators. The City won’t divulge that info, but PubMed did (Dec. 29):
“31 cases were unvaccinated, 19 cases were partially vaccinated, and 64 cases had unknown vaccination status. The remainder of cases were at least double-vaccinated. There have been 12 confirmed re-infections with Omicron; all were symptomatic and double-vaccinated.”

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