Pandemic of the Vaccinated Continues…

Here in Ontario, Canada-

Check the official data- Covid Cases by Vaccination Status

The numbers for Dec 30/21 as follows

Fully jabbed case count: 13,436

Partially jabbed case count: 647

Unjabbed case count: 2278

Unknown jab status case count: 352

The vaxxed case count load is higher then the ratio of vaxxed to unvaxxed

This is a pandemic of the fully jabbed up

Making the jab a fail, except as a profitable product and a means to terrorize and subjugate the masses – As was obvious to those of us paying attention. And explains why, suddenly, the provincial leaders here are undertaking a major tactics change in testing and reporting.

Even though today’s numbers in Ontario reached a new all time high of 18,455 cases

Public Health Ontario, which released the data, confirmed 18,445 new cases of the novel coronavirus today, surpassing the previous record of 16,713 new COVID-19 infections reported on Friday. (see above undoubtedly fully vaxxed)

PCR tests are now only be available for symptomatic high-risk individuals and those who work in the highest risk settings, as well as vulnerable populations.

Members of the general public with mild symptoms are being asked not to seek testing.

As emergency rooms are full of people looking for tests- squandering vital health care resources

Niagara Health News Release- Emergencies under pressure from test seekers- access other resources (you brainwashed dolts!)

Media Release from Niagara Health.

Niagara Health is seeing a high number of patients in our Emergency Departments (ED) who do not need this level of healthcare and could access the right level of care through their family physician or other primary care provider.

A significant number of these people are seeking a COVID-19 test and have mild or no symptoms. In these cases, people should stay home and rest while self-isolating to limit the spread of this highly contagious virus. Patients should reach out to their primary care provider for help managing symptoms at home, if needed.

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