Vaccine Fail From Ontario’s official source

I was checking out Alex Berenson’s substack

Stunning data about vaccine failure from Ontario, Canada

Alex BerensonDec 20

Them thar green line is infections among the vaccinated. Assuming these are Omicron cases, there are only two possibilities:

The vaccines have now failed completely.

Omicron preferentially infects vaccinated people.

Hey, why not both?


So the updated data looks like this

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Penny this looks self evident however I do have a question to make sure we compare apples to apples. What percentage of the population of Ontario are “vaccinated” versus those non-jabbed? The graph indicates roughly 4 jabbed per 1 unjabbed, so jabbed equals 80%. If the injectable population is 80% of the gross population then the cases would be comparable between the jabbed and the unjabbed. Anything less than 80% for the jabbed would mean a worse result for those jabbed.

The percentage of vaccinated is upwards of 80 plus percent in Ontario
Nearly 100% in some age groups.
If the cases are comparable as you’ve said then there is no evidence that the vaccines impede transmission.
Making that a worse outcome for an alleged vaxx that is supposed to ‘protect’

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