The Omicron Non Emergency: Vaccine Mandates Hurting Hospitals-

Mandates backlash. Freedom protests growing exponentially.

Cue the I C Moron virus (Omicron) and push for more jabs, upping the profits for big pharm and enabling the tightening of the technocratic tyranny.

The hysteria has been over the top. It’s way too early to justify this fear campaign. And yet here it is. Just like before. A previously enjoyed rerun. Catapulting the propaganda.
This “pandemic” has dragged on longer then any previous pandemic I’ve read about. The lock downs have caused catastrophic harm to the people. Far more then the virus ever could have or would have. The fear that’s been inculcated into people is stunning to behold. It’s staggering, simply staggering. The destruction to society, hopefully repairable, requires more people having to get on with the business of living. Actually being fully participatory in life on the planet.


Markets rebounded on Monday after their panic on Friday over the Omicron variant of Covid-19. President Biden also appears to be calming down, although other politicians continue to impose restrictions and mandates that will do more harm than good.

Speaking at the White House on Monday, Mr Biden said Omicron was a cause for concern but not panic. He stressed the need for vaccinations and boosters, but said further blockages are not being considered. It’s a relief after his rush to block air travel from several southern African countries on Friday.

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