Kurdish Project in ME a “new Israel”

Eva Bartlett writes. I’m sure Eva is a very sincere gal. Who means well. However, I was always of the mind her association with Vanessa Beeley blinded her to what should have been OBVIOUS so long ago.

You see that FACT of the Kurdish project being an Israel 2.0 was written at my now defunct blog- SIX YEARS AGO- Actually just over 6 years ago. November 27, 2015. Yes, that is 2015

And when one is a ground breaker, one faces lots of hostility.

But facts were facts, truth was truth and reality is inconveniently real for those who don’t want to face it.

Let’s go way back- via the wayback machine

My original url as follows

Much of that 2015 article contains link back to inaccessible material from my old site

One viable link is below

It’s much more difficult to read the early signs. To see the beginning of the change as it is occurring.

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Ms Cat; thanks for sharing as always.

I had a little orange tabby for so many years, she was more then 19 human years when she died. I still miss her. Your cat always reminds me of her. Though I suspect yours is an image of a male?

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