Merck’s Covid Pill “appears” effective, but……

Poses pregnancy risk and harm to children. How many unscrupulous doctors will prescribe this medication? Oh, I’m sure their will be plenty.

Link- Healthday

Given safety concerns, FDA scientists said Merck has agreed the drug will not be used in children.

Merck has ‘agreed’ to that? But has every doctor agreed to that? Every single doctor??? Do pay attention to how effective this drug really is.

Merck’s experimental COVID-19 antiviral pill appears effective, but may pose risks for pregnant women, including birth defects and toxicity to developing fetuses, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

On Friday morning Merck announced updated results from its molnupiravir study that showed a smaller benefit than first thought: Among more than 1,400 adults in a company study, the drug reduced the combined risk of hospitalization and death by 30 percent, less than the 50 percent first reported. Nearly 7 percent of patients who received Merck’s drug within five days of COVID-19 symptoms ended up in the hospital and one died. That compared to 10 percent of patients hospitalized who were taking a placebo and nine deaths.

Just take your Vitamin D, Zinc, C and Quercitin. That’s my opinion. And that’s what I do! Walking the talk. There are plenty of good studies showing the benefits of Vitamin D. And it won’t harm children or developing babies in the womb. Merck’s dangerous drug “appears” to have a smaller benefit then initially claimed with some big dangers. Which is why it was only authorized for “emergency use. Yup, another EUA. Undoubtedly the same will occur here in Canada.


  • The FDA’s Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee voted 13 to 10 to recommend emergency authorization of molnupiravir.
  • Molnupiravir is an oral antiviral drug designed to treat adults with mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-19 who are at high risk of severe disease.
  • Most committee members said it was a difficult vote, with unanswered questions about the drug’s safety and potential impact, however unlikely, on driving virus evolution.
  • The drug needs final authorization from the FDA and CDC before it’s available to the public on an emergency basis.

I see more human guinea pigs

Potential risks were also identified in animal studies of molnupiravir, according to an analysis by FDA scientists, including possible embryo-fetal toxicity and birth defects. The agency’s report was posted in advance of a meeting Tuesday of the FDA’s outside experts who will weigh emergency use of the pill. Based on its findings, the FDA will ask its expert panel whether the pill should never be given during pregnancy or if it could be used in certain situations where the benefits outweigh the risks. Given the safety concerns, FDA scientists said Merck agreed the drug would not be used in children.

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I agree essentially with your vitamin list, Penny, but I won’t take anything that has the word “Quer” in it 😉 I try to eat all the foods it mimics, though (fruits, veg, seeds, grains). Have taken Vits A and D for most of my life, and am convinced that’s why I’ve never had flu (colds, occasionally, but not for a long time now), nor any of the childhood diseases (never had a vaccine either). Cod liver oil (A+D) was recommended around 1946 by the gov’t, and it was poured out every morning by our school teacher (we all had to bring our own tablespoon), and it’s about the only thing the gov’t ever got right (in my not-so-humble opinion).

Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the “Covid” stats!

Hey Yaya:
The Quercitin makes hubby and I burp, but, it’s not too bad.
We also take a multi. Drink lots of water. We have a Berkey system- makes the city water taste a heck of a lot better. I recall my mom and dad giving up cod liver oil when we were younger. Not the teacher, but, our parents – always in the winter.
You’re welcome as always

I’ve heard Berkeys are really good, but I’ve been distilling the heck out of city water for many years now (Ottawa water was fluoridated and Kingston water has drug residue, plus I don’t trust the City not to sneak in some fluoride because they sure wanted to before “Covid” landed and the focus appeared to shift). But, with a distiller, even the good stuff, like calcium gets filtered out – so need to make absolutely sure I get the right nutrients in food and supplements.

Yeah, the schools stopped administering the CLO once the parents were convinced to do it themselves. At one point, later on, they even gave us little bottles of milk in the classroom, in case kids weren’t getting enough of it at home. Whatever happened to the concern for kiddies’ health in the age of fluoride, I wonder.

All this reminds me of my first visual encounter with “fractals” and the remarkably entrancing artwork relatively simple equations can generate. Endless yet repetitive variety!

Here’s your CON-trolled opposition stepping in. I’d say Tulsi Gabbard – Tucker Carlson will head the Repugnut ticket for 2024, The Donald a fossilized red herring at the moment, serving as distraction, misdirecting attention of an increasingly CON-fused “voter base”.

Anyway, Tulsi — extraordinarily attractive given her military and like intelligence background and experience — weighs in with a few minutes’ video on YOUTube! Not banned yet, likely won’t be.
Tulsi Gabbard says: “The FDA absolutely should not approve Merck’s experimental COVID pill molnupiravir. The drug works by encouraging VIRUS MUTATIONS which could result in “escape mutations” being unleashed on the world—i.e. a new pandemic. Proponents claiming that the benefit outweighs the risk are self-serving and shortsighted. Remember, they gave similar reassurance regarding “gain of function” research—which may very well have led to present pandemic. There are already more effective treatments like monoclonal antibodies that don’t pose such risk.

Gatekeeping limited hang-out — sorry, Tulsi, no banana this time.

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