Biden’s “Over the Horizon” Counter Terrorism Plan for Afghanistan.

Want to get this out now. In case I can’t get it done tomorrow. Plus I’ve got a guest post for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 that will be forthcoming.

Biden’s “Over the Horizon Plan”- Would you believe that was reported on at my prior residence July 2/21. Just over two months ago..

Went to get this report through the Wayback Machine. Over the Horizon missions are flown for the sole purpose of supporting “forces” that remain in Afghanistan. Clearly the withdrawal didn’t occur, but a relocation definitely took place! Perhaps the US will support the Northern Alliance led by Masoud Jr (son of Masoud Sr), yet again.

From the Daily Signal- (above wayback machine link)

With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 upon us—and having been a Pentagon official that day—excuse me for being a little on edge about Team Biden’s plans for beating down any terrorist threat that might be brewing in the new, hard-line Afghanistan.

With the anniversary of 9/11 coming fast we might be wise to anticipate some serious underhandedness on the part of the US. The fight will continue in Afghanistan. The US shifted policies, but, they did not and will not give up their hold on this nation state.

With the fall of the Afghan government, in some ways, it feels like we’ve come full circle to those fateful days before 9/11, when the Taliban largely ruled Afghanistan and al-Qaeda planned, trained, and operated for attacks abroad.

There’s a very good chance the U.S. would be square in the sights of Afghanistan-based terrorists—again.

Though the Taliban claims its policies will be different from the days before 9/11, it has long been affiliated with several international and domestic terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network.

Those terrorist ties will almost certainly continue under this latest Taliban regime. Those groups have fought for years with the Taliban against the Afghan government and its partners, including the United States.

I’ve noticed the name Haqqani being bandied around quite a bit.. That’s another ‘blast from the past’- Same as Masoud. Propaganda repeats for a reason.

Like before our invasion in the fall of 2001, al-Qaeda will want protected places in Afghanistan from which it can freely recruit, radicalize, and rejuvenate for terrorist plots in South and Central Asia—and further abroad.

While an enemy of the Taliban, the South/Central Asian branch of the infamous ISIS, Islamic State Khorasan (aka ISIS-K), also will be looking for ungoverned spaces to set up camp for the same purposes as its competition, al-Qaeda.

The Taliban’s Afghanistan might become just the place for that.

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