Gallant to Visit Washington- Netanyahu is radioactive

Netanyahu is a criminal- He’s divided Israeli society. Turned Israel into a global pariah state.

If this author is correct on Gambling for Resurrection theory- Netanyahu is overseeing what will inevitably be the downfall himself and of Israel.

Is the US prepping Gallant for a new direction in Israel? Changing perceptions. Lifelines, ya know? Perhaps alongside Benny Gantz?


Israeli’s defence minister has been sacked after he spoke out against controversial plans to overhaul the justice system. (Appears he was reinstated? Maybe)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned Yoav Gallant to a meeting and told him he no longer had faith in him as defence minister.

The plan to limit the powers of the judiciary led to months of protests.

Tens of thousands of protestors returned to the streets on Sunday night following Mr Gallant’s dismissal.

Gallant’s declared opposition to Israeli civil or military rule in a post-Hamas Gaza, and his call for Netanyahu to try to install “Palestinian entities” even at personal and political cost, prompted a slew of criticism from other members of the coalition and an angry retort from Netanyahu, and sparked the biggest threat to the stability of the government since the start of the war.

Times of Israel

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant will visit Washington later this month, his office confirmed Saturday to The Times of Israel after the US Defense Department announced the trip.

It will be the second time the minister has visited the United States amid the war in Gaza that was triggered by Hamas’s shock October 7 attack on southern Israel.

A Pentagon spokesperson said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin extended the invitation to Gallant when they spoke this week “to further discuss ongoing security developments in the Middle East.”

Gallant’s meeting with Austin is expected to focus on Gaza, where the Biden administration is pushing a hostage-for-ceasefire deal to end the fighting, and the escalating skirmishes between Israel and Hezbollah along the Lebanon border.

I’m speculating obviously, but, might these developments signal some sort of change for Israel?

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