Breaking News: Russia offers clear ceasefire conditions- Ukraine rejects

Financial Times

Vladimir Putin has said Russia will immediately cease fire and begin negotiations to end the war in Ukraine in exchange for control of four frontline Ukrainian regions, a proposal immediately rejected by Kyiv.

New territorial realities must be recognised,” Putin said in a speech to foreign policy officials on Friday. “All these basic principal conditions must be set through fundamental international agreements. Naturally, this involves the cancellation of all western sanctions against Russia.” Under Putin’s conditions, Russia would gain full control of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia.

He also called for Kyiv to never develop nuclear weapons and to pursue its “demilitarisation” and “denazification”, two vague goals Russia set out at the start of the invasion.

These are not vague goals-

The Russian president’s demands represent the most specific conditions he has set for a possible end to the war since he ordered the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Very similar, dare I say, nearly identical conditions were presented in March 2022So more perception managing gibberish from FT’s

“Today we are making another specific, real peace offering. If Kyiv and western capitals refuse it as they did before, then that’s their issue at the end of the day — their political and moral responsibility for the continued bloodshed,” Putin said. “Obviously, the facts on the ground at the front will continue to change, not in the Kyiv regime’s favour, and the conditions to begin negotiations will be different.”

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Hi Penny:
If Ukraine is not allowed to make peace now they will lose more territory: Odesa will become part of Russia. It’s primarily another Russian speaking area of Ukraine. It’s where the people protesting the coup were herded into a building which was then set on fire and the occupants were not allowed out. Many died. No way that Putin has forgotten it.
That will leave what is left of Ukraine landlocked. Poland and Hungary may take back the parts of Ukraine that were previously their territory.

Than the question remains, what will happen with the pledged support to Ukraine post-war.

To me the worst thing that can happen is the start of a negative loop for the EU. As in can’t/doesn’t want to help. International reputation takes a hit, animosity increases. Or EU does help Ukraine, but EU public will suffer for higher taxes. Thus creating discontent.

The EU has really stepped into the doo doo in this situation- it’s really feeling as if the US will leave them holding the bag and your right discontent will increase along with the tax burden.

The quirks of wordpress- Hi Gary, my response below

I wish Ukraine would just make peace. Or they would be allowed to make peace, which is definitely a more accurate description.
I agree if they do not it’s quite likely Russia will take Odesa and connect to Transnistria ( I recall the news of the mass killing in Odesa very well)
Poland, in my opinion, won’t hesitate to take territory.
Hungary will if Poland does.
I’ve got a few older posts on that subject here.

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