Poland Finds No Russian Rocket Parts After Claimed Airspace Breach

Jerusalem Post

Pretty straightforward reporting- Search completed. Nothing found.

Nearly 500 soldiers of the Territorial Defense Force took part in the search near the city of Zamosc in southeastern Poland.

Poland ended a ground search on Saturday after finding no parts of a suspected Russian rocket which it said had violated the country’s airspace on Friday morning, the Polish army said.

“At 3:00 pm, the inspection of the designated area was completed…The search result was negative,” the Polish army’s operational command wrote on social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

“Military activities have been completed and we do not plan any further field verification.”

Russia is demanding evidence from Poland, but does any actually exist?

“We will not give any explanations until we are presented with concrete evidence, because these accusations are unsubstantiated,” Ordash told RIA Novosti.

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Dear Penny,

I wish you and your family as well as all commenters here a happy and healthy New Year. May the world become more peaceful in 2024.

Thank you Gallier the Elder
I wish the same to you and yours as well… AND I wish for the world to become more peaceful in 2024 as well- because 2023 has definitely been more war filled than it should be. But I’m afraid for 2024.. Economics look bad. Warfare looks to be worsening. Israel keeps striking other nations- Lebanon and Syria. It looks like goading.

I’m the least worried about the AGW climate change cause we just aren’t that much of a factor in that regard. Other ways yes, thinking of soil health and the urban heat island effect. And the “forever chemicals”” Which are the endocrine disrupting chemicals.
But enough of my concerns, let’s keep it positive and be the change we want to see.
Happy New Year!

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