Today’s D Brief- Israel flooding tunnels, losing support- Russia’s jamming!

And I’m not talking about the music of Bob Marley and the Wailers!


Nearly two months after Hamas attacked Israel, the Israelis have begun pumping seawater into at least a part of the group’s elaborate tunnel network under the Gaza Strip, U.S. officials told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. Flooding the tunnels could take weeks, officials estimate. 

Hamas may be keeping hostages in the tunnels. U.S. President Joe Biden expressed his hesitation over the plan when asked about it Tuesday afternoon at the White House. “Assertions [are] being made that [Israeli officials are] quite sure there are no hostages in any of these tunnels,” Biden said. “But I don’t know that for a fact,” he added. 

For once I agree with Biden. Israel will claim there are no hostages in the tunnels- flood the tunnels and claim Hamas killed them, though it will be the flooding that will end their lives.

Changing winds? On Monday, Biden warned at a fundraiser that Israel still “has most of the world supporting it.” However, he cautioned, “they’re starting to lose that support by the indiscriminate bombing that takes place.” 

Newly revealed: The U.S. quickly upgraded Israel’s F-35s after Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, Pentagon acquisition chief Bill LaPlante told lawmakers on Tuesday. The Pentagon gave Israel special computer files with detailed information about enemy threats. Defense One’s Audrey Decker has more, here.

Developing: White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is headed to Israel on Thursday and Friday for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “his war cabinet,” the administration said Wednesday. 

SecDef inbound, too. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin is traveling to the Middle East this week “to step up the international efforts to protect the free flow of commerce through the Red Sea,” Biden said Tuesday. 

Houthis naval attacks continue: The U.S. Navy shot down another drone launched from Houthi-controlled Yemen, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Crew on the USS Mason downed the drone as it approached their ship, according to U.S. officials. 

The Houthis also launched two missiles at a commercial tanker loaded with jet fuel as it transited the Bab el-Mandeb Strait separating Yemen from Africa on Wednesday. Fortunately the missiles missed the tanker Ardmore Encounter as it traveled north toward the Suez Canal. Armed guards aboard the Encounter also reportedly “opened fire to drive off skiffs loaded with men trying to board the vessel,” AP writes. 


Meanwhile, a U.S. general says Russia has found a way to jam various U.S. precision munitions brought to Ukraine, Defense One’s Sam Skove reported Tuesday. CNN had previously reported some jamming this past May. And leaked U.S. documents also stated that Russia was jamming GPS-guided bombs that the U.S. had given to Ukraine.

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This will be held up as a great victory for the “combat” effectiveness of the F-35. But this is not “combat”, this is massacre of a crowded civilian population that has no air defenses. We can only hope that our future enemies are so vulnerable.

> We can only hope that our future enemies are so vulnerable.

Yes, but *we* can ensure it … if we want to … since *we* have created our enemies for the past several decades (if not for longer)

“Yes, but *we* can ensure it … if we want to … since *we* have created our enemies for the past several decades (if not for longer)”

In many ways, I’m assuming the we is NATO nations, we have ensured our enemies are vulnerable and have created so many of them– Iraq, really, really comes to mind when I make this statement

“We” is also just Canada.
Canada has created some of its own enemies (so to speak) … by generally consenting to, or supporting, U.S. imperialism … and by, for example, the behaviour of Canada’s mining companies in South America and Canada’s calling for the overthrow of the legitimate president of Venezuela

Canada has created enemies, Haiti really stands out in that regard when it comes to Canada’s malfeasance.

” by generally consenting to, or supporting, U.S. imperialism”

And most Canadians remains absolutely oblivious to it all

“We” … is also just Canada alone … for example in making China our enemy.
That’s Canada’s doing all by itself. Canada had no obligations under NATO to become hostile towards China.
Canada also had a political option to *not* arrest and detain Meng Wanzhou, but Justin once again caved in to U.S. demands. Justin is very clearly *not* Pierre nor even Jean Chrétien — both of whom stood against serious U.S. demands. Justin’s very close to being a Stephen Harper — in his relationship with the U.S.

This isn’t combat effectiveness- it is just ethnic cleansing which includes mass displacement/expulsion as well as killing.

Definition, the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society

I’ve long been suspicious of the initial attack, too many Israeli soldiers have come forth reporting odd behaviors and responses on the part of the military….
I’m not alone in that thinking.

GimletEye, my old friend 🙂
not a reference to age, though, sadly it could be..
glad to see you about!

I liked that- thank you!
And, yes, I will check out the other stuff.

“In protests around the world, in the corridors of the United Nations and in the angry chambers of social media, one word is getting louder and louder: genocide.”

So ironic, given Jewish history in Germany:
“ethnic cleansing — the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group …”.

Surely there are some Jews who say, “Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t that what happened to us? And now we’re the ones doing it?”

I suppose they think they have good reasons, but Hitler thought he did as well.

Yup, I’m sure they do think they’re engaged in this for good reasons
In same way those who commit murder justify their actions as well.
Some of the Israel supporters are over the top blood thirsty and it’s disturbing to me- given my leaning towards anti war and always wanting to see a different path taken that doesn’t result in the level of mass destruction shown in Gaza.

I was saddened to see your Web site disappear.
After I read your last post (around two weeks only before the shutdown of your site) I tried to get in touch with you.
Over the past few weeks, I tried several of your former e-mail addresses.

You’re not on Twitter?

Penny is doing a great job on Twitter, and using Twitter to announce her new Web articles

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