Ukraine grenade incident: Councillor tosses explosives into meeting


This meeting was in western Ukraine-

Quite far from the fighting-

The attack took place on Friday morning at the village council headquarters in Keretsky in the western Zakarpattia region.

Police have not yet commented on a possible motive for the attack, which has left six seriously wounded.

The meeting was being livestreamed on Facebook when it took place.

Footage shows the man entering the room during a heated discussion about 90 minutes into the meeting.

He then stands next to a door for around 30 seconds before tossing three grenades into the middle of the room.

Yet BBC mentions this

Many Ukrainians have access to weaponry due to the war with Russia, but there is no evidence yet that the attack was related to the conflict.

No evidence this incident was related to the conflict, but, the BBC will plant that seed in your mind- Perception management always

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It would seem self evident that this has something to do with some conflict be it personal or societal. I think 3 grenades constitutes conflict.
Sorry, I must be a bit twisted today but I find the semantics somehow humorous.
If I had to guess I’d say the discussion was concerning recruitment.

i didn’t intend to be contentious, Penny. It was a lame attempt at gallows humour.
I read somewhere that the 2014 Trade Union Building atrocity is what really incited outrage amongst the common Russian people. That and the continual shelling of civilians in Donetsk caused the conflict to take on many aspects of a civil war, and we know that wars between “brothers” are the dirtiest kind of war for they are fueled by the the sense of irreconcilable betrayal.
The grenades at the council meeting reminds me of why I avoid local politics meetings, even though ours just devolve into arguments over pot hole repairs and speed bumps unleashed amidst a torrent of virtue signalling.
I can well imagine how tempers would overflow in a country as radicalized and divided as the Ukraine is today, but 3 grenades into a crowded room hardly seems like a rational talking point.

Hey Mark
I’d never figure you to be contentious. You or anyone else who comments here.
Dima talked about this incident at the meeting he mentioned what was being discussed.

And I looked up the meaning of gallows humour, an absolutely appropriate term for the mess that is Ukraine “grim and ironic humor in a desperate or hopeless situation.”

Zelensky promised peace with his neighbours and instead he brought misery. So much misery.
And the way the people are being used by the NATO nations is appalling..
And tragic. Very tragic

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