Gaza Strip Before and After Israel’s Invasion

I’ve opted to use the original NYT’s headline

Nine weeks ago, the Gaza Strip was a bustling home to more than two million people. Today, neighborhoods have been flattened by Israeli airstrikes and farming communities have been bulldozed by invading Israeli tanks.

Video and satellite imagery captured in late November and early December reveals a devastating transformation in much of northern Gaza.

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Tragic images.
We have lived with this conflict our entire life’s span, most of the time ignoring it. Now we are faced with the final solution. Sure, we can blame Hamas and Zionist Israel for intransigence, we can blame the US and the UK for ulterior motives, we can blame the Arab nations for indifference, but we must also recognize that all of us in the international community are responsible for not holding our corporate and political leaders accountable for doing what is right and humane.
The shadow of Auschwitz still darkens the concept of human progress.

The destruction is so massive. You don’t understand that from the day to day reporting, but, those pictures make clear the destruction and devastation on a massive level in a very shot period of time-

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