Covid “Expert”, Ontario Teacher, Found Guilty of Misconduct

Number 1 promoter of fake news narratives is, as always, the main stream media. CTV being one among many purveyors of false narratives to generate false realities for the masses.

Last paragraph on CTV’s article is crucial to understanding how false narratives are generated


Prior to the first set of allegations being made public, Ryan Imgrund appeared on Bell Media programming on a number of occasions to provide COVID-19 commentary. Bell Media is the parent company of CTV News and CP24.


Imgrund, who often provided commentary throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as a self-described “biostatician,” was facing professional misconduct allegations related to“sexually,” “emotionally” and “psychologically” abusing students.

The first allegations were made public in a notice of hearing filed by the OCT in August 2022. The allegations state that Imgrund messaged four female students, who he was coaching as part of a school team, late at night and in the early morning during an out of town trip inviting them to join him at a resort pool.

When the students didn’t respond, the college alleges Imgrund “banged on his ceiling/their floor” and continued to call them.

The college also accused him of using a “technique requiring the students to push their buttocks up against him” during a practice.

It is also alleged that he engaged in inappropriate personal and electronic relationships with students and one additional students. Among the allegations, he is accused of sending a shirtless photograph to one female student while requesting that she send him a photograph of herself in a bathing suit.

When one student stopped replying, the college alleges Imgrund “yelled at” or “scolded her.”

In December 2022, a second professional misconduct hearing notice was filed by the OCT, this time in relation to allegations made by an 18-year-old woman.

The allegations state that in 2005, Imgrund sent the woman four unsolicited naked photographs of himself using MSN messenger. The woman was family friends with Imgrund, the college said.

A covid “expert” and self proclaimed biostatician presented via fake main stream news narrative creators. Confidence inspiring?!

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