Turkish, Russian presidents to meet in Sochi on Monday

Tomorrow, Sept 04/23Should be interesting to follow- AA

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks on Monday in the Russian resort city of Sochi.

Erdogan will pay a one-day working visit to Sochi upon Putin’s invitation, said a statement by Türkiye’s Communications Directorate.

During the meeting, the two leaders will review bilateral relations between Türkiye and Russia broadly, and engage in discussions on current global and regional issues.

The grain deal may come up? Prisoner release that took place a couple of months ago? Perhaps the situation in Syria?- Not mentioned anywhere, but, I think it’s on the table.


Russia pulled out after claiming that a parallel deal promising to remove obstacles to Russian exports of food and fertilizer hadn’t been honored.

Moscow complained that restrictions on shipping and insurance hampered its agricultural trade

What’s mentioned above is my understanding of why Russia has pulled out of the grain deal

This prisoner release. I sure wasn’t privy to the release details so it’s not know if claims made about what may or may not have taken place are accurate

Erdogan angered Moscow in July when he allowed five Ukrainian commanders to return home. The soldiers had been captured by Russia and handed over to Turkey on condition they remain there for the duration of the war.

Erdogan sympathetic to Russian concerns about grain deal shenanigansThis meeting follows talks that took place between Russian and Turkish FM”s

The Sochi summit follows talks between the Russian and Turkish foreign ministers on Thursday, during which Russia handed over a list of actions that the West would have to take in order for Ukraine’s Black Sea exports to resume.

Erdogan has indicated sympathy with Putin’s position. In July, he said Putin had “certain expectations from Western countries” over the Black Sea deal and that it was “crucial for these countries to take action in this regard.”

There’s more going on here than the grain deal and prisoner exchange- Foreign ministers meeting prior to their leaders suggests to me that something has already been addressed between the two nations. But, we’ll see. I’m still thinking Syria will be a topic at these talks. I know Syria has seriously heated up a great deal as of late.. The US and Israel have been quite active.

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