Ukraine Can Join NATO, Piece by Piece- Not Impossible

Well there it is! The balkanization of Ukraine that has been often written about here at PFYT2.

Beginning of 2023

Below from March 2022

Rasmussen does not rule out having Ukraine join NATO piece by piece

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the previous Secretary-General of NATO, does not rule out that Ukraine join the alliance piece by piece. Earlier, Germany had partially joined NATO in 1955.

Of course, this is a difficult thing, and ultimately everything depends on Ukraine’s decision, but at least it is not impossible, Rasmussen stated.

He noted that the entry of the western and central parts of Ukraine into NATO can have a significant impact on the residents of Europe

Rasmussen emphasized that now the issue of Ukraine’s membership is actively being discussed in NATO. The difficulty is that if Ukraine joins NATO in full, the alliance will be forced to enter into conflict with Russia. Therefore, it was proposed to initially unite Ukraine’s western and central parts, which are not in the special operation zone. Thus, the fifth article of the alliance will not work.

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