Ukraine Divided: Poland/NATO expansion by stealth?

Ukraine has made an interesting move regarding Poland.

Poles to be granted ‘special status’ in Ukraine

Polish President Andrzej Duda visited Kyiv on Sunday (22 May), where he delivered a speech in the Ukrainian parliament. The same day, the Ukrainian UNIAN agency reported that his Ukrainian counterpart promised to give Poles a special status resembling what Ukrainians now enjoy in Poland.

“We have to look into the Polish law about the people temporarily displaced to Ukraine that, in fact makes Ukrainian citizens equal to the Polish citizens, except for the voting right. On the president’s initiative, a similar bill (concerning the Polish citizens) will now be adopted in Ukraine,” said Zelenskyy’s press secretary Sergey Nikiforov, as reported by the Polish PAP agency after UNIAN.

So Ukraine is set to give Polish citizens equal rights- except for voting. Which can be changed easily later. Equal rights for all are after all equal rights.

Go back to my report dated from late March 2022 and reread some of the comments- included below:



Hi Penny, Don’t know if you know about this fact.

Aftermath of WW2 the borders of both Poland and Germany changed.
Germany’s eastern part became part of Poland and the eastern part of Poland became territory of the USSR and now Ukraine.

I think its fair to say that the most west part of Ukraine which was formally Poland is still ethnically Polish and I wouldn’t be surprised if Poland would like to have that back.Reply



Hey Kaz:

After reading your response I went off to do a search on maps of a split up Ukraine and OMG there are so many. I just wanted to find the one that first came across my computer screen

one above
and in 2014 there was an article in the Atlantic suggesting that perhaps it was time for Ukraine to break apart

Certainly the idea has been tossed around for some time.

What I find interesting is that if Ukraine was broken up- NATO could advance it’s interests through an enlarged Poland and RomaniaReply



I’m suggesting that NATO has an interest in Ukraine falling to pieces- because Russia will not stand for the expansion to their borders..

Everyone is positioning for their own advantage

Belarussian Leader in a meeting with Russia’s Putin

Alexander Lukashenko:

There are some interesting surprises in Ukraine, as you know very well. We are concerned, and I believe you are too, over the steps politicians are already taking to split Ukraine. We are worried that they are prepared – the Poles and NATO – to take away Western Ukraine, as it was before 1939. But we are worried not only over security but also because this is strategy for Western Belarus. Therefore, we are keeping our eyes open, and, as I have already said, the Ukrainians will still have to ask us to prevent the western and other parts of Ukraine from being separated. This is my position but you certainly know it. I know this.

Therefore, we have many problems in this context but they are not exactly our problems – they are their problems that we will have to resolve. Take, for example, President Duda’s incomprehensible conduct yesterday in Kiev. By the way, he decides practically nothing in Poland but just comes up with these fakes

Belarus sees the potential for future problem:

1- Suggestive Ukraine is not winning as is always claimed in 5 eyes media

2- Alternative outcomes being prepared for

One last piece

By giving special rights to the citizens of Poland, the Kiev regime is handing over their rights to the territory of its state and thus legalizing the de facto occupation of Ukraine, wrote the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zaharova, on the telegram channel

Not separatists, but the president himself hands over to the citizens of another state the rights to the territory of his state, without giving them the citizenship of Ukraine.” “Under the guise of preserving its own identity, the Kiev regime is destroying it, opening fire on its own for eight years, and now doing an incredible thing – legalizing the de facto occupation of its state,” Zaharova wrote.

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Hey GC
I found all your comments in the spam box. Not sure why?
Usually if they have more then one link they go to moderation but that’s not the case with yours- so don’t know.
I read the ZB’s book quite a few years ago- I might have to read again.

At the beginning of this conflict, I said that this was all to curb the potential of Europe. But with time, I think it has to do more with curbing Germany.

If I recall correctly “George Friedman” said something in the line that USA is preparing Poland to be the new regional power of the area.

So if this goes trough Poland is going to end with both the territories it wanted from pre-ww2 Germany and its territory which it lost to ussr/ukraine.

In the meanwhile Germany is gonna suffer from increased fuel prices and lack of supply more than others. It still has not been able to consolidate the people with east Germany with the rest of Germany. its lack of willingness or ability to deal with the underground criminality including the PKK-affiliates and other cult movements which it harbors against turkey specifically in cost of its own stability. There are a few more things I have a gut-feeling about but can’t really place my finger on.

But at this moment I will just say it. Germany has become that which they ridiculed. A serf. And I know this is harsh to say, but I feel it has to be said. In my eyes. Germany is moving to be in a decrepit state. For some time It doesn’t seem it has self-determination, when it does try it gets curbed which only leaves them with the need to fulfill their hedonistic needs.

I wonder if this might send them back to its pre-Hitler era.

I bear no ill will to Germany, but honestly. Its getting sad to watch the deteriorating state of Germany and by extend its people.

Hi Kaz

“At the beginning of this conflict, I said that this was all to curb the potential of Europe. But with time, I think it has to do more with curbing Germany. ”

Ya know what? I think curbing Germany is a big part of this.

At my censored blog I believe there is information there regarding Poland being the ‘new power’- When I have time.. I’m going to dig through those old posts and bring them here- this was around the time the Polish government was beheaded in the plane crash

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