Helicopter ‘mishap’ leaves 22 US service personnel injured in Syria

US forces have been in Syria since 2015 (LIE) to advise and assist the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in the fight against the militant Islamic State (IS) group.(LIE)

The US and their KurdIShIS partners are occupying Syria, ethnically cleansing entire regions and stealing Syrian resources- that’s the reality. The Skynew reporting is utter rubbish

What exactly happened with the helicopter is very unclear.

A helicopter “mishap” in northeastern Syria left 22 American service personnel injured over the weekend, the US military has said.

A spokesman said no enemy fire was involved and the cause of the accident is being investigated.

He added the service members are receiving treatment (where?) and 10 have been moved to “higher care facilities” outside the region. (where?)

There are at least 900 US forces personnel in Syria on average, along with an undisclosed number of contractors.

US special operations forces also move in and out of the country but are usually in small teams and are not included in the official count.

So, it’s unknown how many US forces personnel are actually in Syria- though the minimum of 900 is acknowledged- the real or maximum amount is unmentioned

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Hi Penny,
This story escaped me on the weekend. Twenty two injured and no one killed? No enemy fire involved? If true it sounds like a bit of a rough landing from the last 20 feet above terra firma.
Reminds me of Carter’s ‘heroic’ Iranian hostage mission in 1979….
Big boys and their toys…ooops…another vaxident?…the cost of empire.

Hey Mark and Gallier2!

This crash happened over the week end but it didn’t hit the news till pretty much today, really
A lag in reporting? definitely- getting ahead of a different narrative- possible

Hey Gallier2
I’m wondering about that myself.. definitely a good way to cover up the involvement of the US military in Ukraine

” service members are receiving treatment and 10 have been moved to “higher care facilities” outside the region.”

Outside the region, where?

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