The cult of gender ideology is finally disintegrating

I’m going to bold some information that makes me think about human experimentation of the intelligence organization type.

Keep in mind the reality mentioned in the previous report

Which is why no one should be surprised that the Trans Ideology with it’s bizarre language and pronouns came out of and is associated with Universities and the edu-indoctrination complex.

We should understand that the mass mind experimentation done to destroy humanity during the so called pandemic have their roots in the very long history of intelligence ops, universities and mind control experimentation– Shattering minds. Destroying lives.

Here we see the Tavistock Institution playing it’s role in the trans mind control. As well as the edu indoctrination complex


a woman who should never have had any authority

Suzanne Moore 30 May 2023 • 7:00am Suzanne Moore

Susie Green and Jackie Green
Susie Green and her child Jackie Green, who spent their 16th birthday receiving “gender-affirming” surgery Credit: Ken McKay

Susie Green, the former chief executive of Mermaids, who stood down “unexpectedly” last year, has been hiding in plain sight for so long that I sincerely hope we can see her clearly now. How this woman was ever allowed to have so much influence over vulnerable children, never mind medical professionals, is frankly disturbing. She is a former IT consultant with no medical training – unless you count the fact that she won 2016’s Sparkle Diversity Champion of the Year as a specialised qualification. I certainly don’t. The story of how much power she came to have remains shocking.

An IT consultant, well why not, people believe Bill Gates is a doctor of medicine, when really he’s just someone with lots of money that he uses to gain influence and power

The organisation she ran was once not controversial; it was a support group for children and parents of kids with gender issues until she got her hands on it. It became an activist and lobby group receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in lottery funding and grants and was hired by the Department for Education to provide training on “gender identity” in schools. As with Stonewall, it had huge reach into key institutions and the usual gormless celebrity support.

We now find that Green herself had direct influence on policy at the gender identity development service (GIDS) at the Tavistock. After being told that the Tavistock did not have any records of meeting with Green, when threatened by court action, miraculously it found 300 pages of them.

Yes, that Tavistock- Messing with minds and redirecting societies

They reveal that Green spoke directly to the director Dr Polly Carmichael, had advisory roles on two studies and – most scandalous of all – could refer children for treatment at the clinic even when their own GPs had repeatedly advised against it. The Cass Review, remember, effectively shut down GIDS as it was not fit for purpose.

GIDS was in turmoil and dealing with a new cohort of distressed young women with gender dysphoria; the number of girls jumped 5,000 per cent in a seven-year period. Cass found there were no long-term follow-ups even though nearly every child who was referred for prescribed puberty blockers went on to cross-sex hormones [which are used to transition from biological gender to desired gender].

A 5000 percent increase in 7 years and no one is questioning the level of indoctrination at play? The level of abuse doled out on these children? Really?

Puberty blockers are controversial because we don’t have enough longitudinal studies to really understand their impact, which is why several countries such as Sweden and Norway have stopped them. The NHS site says they are not simply reversible. Research is showing that when distressed teenagers are given therapy, they no longer want to change gender and many accept they are gay. Puberty blockers tend to be the first step on a medical pathway that leads to cross-sex hormones and surgery. The other issue which Green should know well, is that if given too early, genitalia do not develop enough to make satisfactory “new models”. These kids may well lose their fertility and any chance of sexual pleasure.

Ask a “trans activist” and they’ll tell you puberty blockers are not controversial because they are repeating the lies, unquestioningly, they’ve been told by people pushing agendas that have nothing to do with concern or care for children- This is social engineering (the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.)

There is an infamous Ted Talk and other YouTube videos of Green talking of what happened to her own son. (What she did to her own son) He wanted a Barbie Rapunzel and other girl things. Her husband, she claims, didn’t like this “girly” boy. Later, he was whizzed off to the States at age 12 for puberty blockers and at 14 was out on oestrogen. He spent seven hours on his 16th birthday on an operating table in Thailand in what is euphemistically called “gender-affirming” surgery.

Green explains this meant “basically use[ing] the skin from the penis to create a vagina. And she hadn’t developed through full puberty so, not to put too fine a point on it, there wasn’t much to work with”. That is the work of puberty blockers.

This operation was done in Thailand as it is illegal to do that to a 16-year-old here. Indeed, it is now illegal in Thailand. If this well-known information is not a red flag, I don’t know what is. Yet this woman was, we now know, given carte blanche to overrule psychiatrists and medics and to push her dubious agenda. What is that agenda? It is the lucrative invention of the trans child. I say lucrative, because in the States, billions of dollars are projected to be made by surgeons and drug companies with lifelong medicalisation being offered to 13-year-olds who have been diagnosed sometimes as young as four.

Green herself has now chummed up with Dr Helen Webberley of GenderGP, who was once suspended, and who sells cross-sex hormones to under-16s, which is not allowed in the UK. This is done online with no counselling.

None of this is really about the trans rights of adults. It is about the pushing of extreme gender ideology on to distressed children. Any basic model of safeguarding has gone out of the window. It is a complete negation of the duty to ‘Do No Harm’ and at its centre is a woman who should never, ever have been given any authority.

I really hope that for Susie Green, the game is finally up.

I hope for the sake of all the yet to be mutilated and traumatized children this abusive mutilating exercise in social control is put to rest

This woman, this Susie Green, clearly has Munchausen Syndrome

“a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care”

She got lots of attention, fame, and money from mutilating her own child and turning him into a marketable product- That’s my opinion, anyway. That’s how I see it, so that’s how it’s being called.

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Hi Penny:

I have some shocking material to post on this topic and will add the link to your excellent post above to it. IMO all the gender lies are distraction from the vaccination sterilization and maiming going on. Also a foot-in-the-door for the pedophiles.

Someone on Twitter made a good suggestion this morning. He said why not give all the girls who want to become boys estrogen and all the boys who want to become girls testosterone…which [when combined with counselling] will align their minds with their bodies. But NOOOOOOoooooo. Can’t do this because it would negate the need for surgical mutilation/experimentation.

I’m left with a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Seems like the murderous university approved agenda of the WEF/Soros/Gates cabal is proceeding as planned. De-populate the middle class in North America and Europe, replace with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of ‘refugees’ from the global south to provide a new weaker proletariat servile class while the elite, thinking they can establish martial law in the coming civil unrest, indulge themselves in fantasies and blood transfusions and worse.
I think I’ll read 1984 again ( if I can stomach it ) to remind myself how it will all end.

I’m hoping it will not be a boot stamping on the face of humanity, forever.
” …….imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever”

“De-populate the middle class in North America and Europe, replace with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of ‘refugees’ from the global south to provide a new weaker proletariat servile class while the elite, thinking they can establish martial law in the coming civil unrest”

It looks as if the conditions are being created for civil unrest…that’s looking undeniable at this point in time


it seems more like a diluting of national identity to isolate everyone as much a possible so its easier to rule over the masses. Giving people an abundance of low priority choices as to keep them agonizing over simple issues and generate unhappiness in people to the point of depression. making it unable for these people to find their way out of the system and thus confining them to their own made cells. In which they have some sense of control and rest.

” diluting of national identity to isolate everyone as much a possible so its easier to rule over the masses.”
” Giving people an abundance of low priority choices as to keep them agonizing over simple issues and generate unhappiness in people to the point of depression. making it unable for these people to find their way out of the system and thus confining them to their own made cells.””
Very good observations Kaz- very good!!

Gates is not only unqualified medically, but even among us (old-school) techies he is a joke. He’s so prominant– and notorious– these days, and yet no one seems to know much of his (techical) back story, from which his wealth and fame derive.

The only thing he programmed was a compiler for the Basic language. It may take at least some intelligence to do, but nothing to write home about. I could do it in probably about an hour. He was notorious for having stolen the operating system of his employer using the courts and that became the basis of his DOS, and that itself got its success from backroom sweetheart deals with IBM. State of the art it was not, far inferior to what was already available, in many ways a few (or more) steps backwards. Someone once said “compared to UNIX this DOS looks like a three piece tinker toy set.”

The same held true when he introduced his Windows 95, when he was already fabulously wealthy and had teams of programmers to do the work. And of course Windows itself was a blatent ripoff of Macintosh. Then he tried to get into servers with WinNT. The filesystem NTFS is another childish attempt, the lessons of decades of the industry unlearned.

DOS/Windows were also notoriously buggy and insecure. Most of those problems were issues of memory handling. I knew all of this when years later I read the Intel Processor manual and found that the processor itself could handle that. The code was already in the processor! All one had to do was set a few variables and the processor took care of everything. This also makes writing general programs simpler.

And it’s for this he is known as a genius!

He always also relied on increasing hardware speed to cover up his crap code. You could run a Linux/BSD system on hardware you couldn’t even run Windows on and get better performance than MUCH faster hardware, and no worry of constant crashes (the “blue screen of death” it used to be called).

One last point, one of his more notorious (tech) statenents: “640K ought to be enough”. An idiotic statement, to put it mildly. No techies doubted its authenticity back in the day, but if apocryphal, it is consistent with other moronic statements by Gates and his Microsoft cohorts over the years, showing no understanding of the hardware they were programming. For you non-techs, consider RAM workspace, a counter or workbench. If you have too little you would have keep returning things to a shed or pantry. More complex tasks would be extremely time-consuming, and maybe impossible.

Didn’t mean for this to be so involved, but I thought this once well-known information might be interesting.

I thank you for taking the time to explain all of what you lay out above!

While I’ve no clue about the computer type stuff, I was aware that Bill Gates, was connected, aided and guided, to success- In other words his success came from nepotism and not from merit.

“Mary Gates, was said to be instrumental in a deal that helped propel Microsoft into the big leagues”

Luckily for Microsoft, IBM’s talks with Digital Research started to flounder, and when assessing options, Opel remembered Microsoft as the company *“run by Bill Gates, Mary Gates’ son,” *according to The Seattle Times.

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