Sweden Continues to flip the bird to Turkish Concerns

Erdogan nixes Sweden”s NATO bid (?)Misleading headline.

Sweden is certainly not endearing itself to Turkish concerns

When asked about NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, an integral figure in pushing Sweden’s NATO bid, Erdogan remarked: “While Stoltenberg was expressing these views to us, unfortunately, at that time, terrorists were demonstrating in the streets again in Sweden,” adding that “now, we cannot approach this work positively within this table.”

We are NOT all PKK

The presence of individuals linked to the PKK has hindered Sweden’s ability to acquire NATO membership following the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, which broke Sweden and Finland’s neutrality after decades of refraining from joining any security bloc.

Despite Ankara’s continued block of Sweden’s ascension, Turkiye officially granted Finland eligibility to join NATO at the end of March.

Turkiye remains indecisive about Sweden’s proposal, claiming Swedish officials have not taken the necessary measures to crack down internally on members of the PKK and allied Kurdish militia groups, many of whom continue to reside in Stockholm.

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It might me done on purpose, because not everyone in government might be keen on joining nato and using the pkk is one way of blocking their ascession. Iirc there was also action to cut pkk from generating wealth easily on swedish grounds.

basicly, infighting in swedish government using pkk. Officials vs ministers ?

could be. I’m not up on the internal politics of Sweden.

“”there was also action to cut pkk from generating wealth easily on swedish grounds.”

That would be interesting to read about!
But so much of how the PKK generates funds is on nefarious dealings, black market, how could that be reined in?
I’ll see if I can find anything, thanks Kaz

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