Himars for SDF/PKK ? US Denies and Lies

This is the same perception managing game the US is playing with the weapons being sent to Ukraine. Oh, yes we transferred them to Syria, but, they have not been “TRANSFERRED” to SDF/PKK

Do they have to be “transferred”to the SDF/PKK when this terror group is sharing the same bases as the US Forces- This is word play.

It’s like saying- I picked up some wine, it’s in our house, but I’ve not transferred to my husband. Therefore he won’t have any! roflmao! It’s truly that retarded of a statement.

Middle East Eye

The US acknowledged sending the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Himars) to Syria but denied reports in Turkish media that the launchers have been transferred to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria.

“Yes, there are HIMARS in the country [Syria] for force protection, (which obviously includes SDF/PKK) a US Central Command spokesperson told Middle East Eye on Wednesday, but “CENTCOM is not providing the HIMARS or training to the SDF.”

Turkish news outlets, including the English language Daily Sabah, cited unnamed sources saying the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Himars) had been transferred to the YPG - the backbone of the US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – at US bases in northern Syria’s Deir el-Zour province.

US support for the SDF, which Turkey views as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, has long been a source of acrimony in the Nato allies’ relationship. The US, European Union, and Turkey consider the group, known as the PKK, a terrorist organisation. But Washington refuses to cut ties with the SDF, which it sees as the most effective fighting force against the Islamic State militant (IS) group.

The spokesperson told MEE that Centcom does not disclose the location of Himars, citing security risks. About 900 US troops are based throughout Syria, including in the north, mainly in the provinces of Raqqa, Hasakah, and Deir el-Zour.

Same deadly game as in Ukraine,

And exactly what I warned about after Erdogan’s election win-

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