Blinken says no Ukraine cease-fire… Blinken says?

I know my regular readers will understand this is in fact the reality of the US attack on Russia using Ukraine and it’s people as proxies. This statement along with all other facts should dispel the delusions of the deluded. I say should, but, will they allow themselves to face that truth? Or are their delusions preferred?

Washington Times

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Friday that there can be no cease-fire in the war in Ukraine

Blinken said that “a cease-fire that simply freezes current lines in place — and enables Putin to consolidate control over the territory he has seized, and rest, rearm, and reattack — that is not a just and lasting peace.”

If Ukraine was leading this fight, truly, holding the reigns of power Anthony Blinken would not and could not make such statments. Those would be left to Zelensky and his advisers

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Very clear now Penny that Ukraine isn’t even a nation anymore. It is just yet another US battering ram to get at the resources of another power. Saw something yesterday where Zelensky is supposed to go on trial in Ukraine for Treason? Whatever the case…only the Ukrainians can save what’s left of their country by rebelling/throwing the occupation out.

Hey GC
I’m still anticipating Ukraine’s fracturing /balkanization. And yes only the Ukrainians can save what’s left of their country and it’s population

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