White House: We are against strikes on Russian territory, but it’s up to Ukraine to decide

Suuuure. You’d have to be really foolish to believe that!

At a briefing on Wednesday 31 May, John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications of the White House National Security Council, once again clarified the position of the United States on the conduct of hostilities on Russian territory.

We provide them with training, equipment, advice, and God, we are even engaged in situational modelling with them to help plan further actions,” he stressed.

But it is President Zelenskyy and the military leadership [of Ukraine – ed.] who decide what they will do from a military point of view. And they decide what to do with the equipment that they were provided and which is now in their property,” the White House representative said.

So they (Ukrainians) decide and the US helps them to make it happen. Even when they strike Russian territory. Even though the US does not support attacks inside Russia. Claptrap. Nonsense. Balderdash!

Kirby added, however, that the United States “has been very clear to the Ukrainians both privately and publicly” that it does not support attacks inside Russia and does not want them to be carried out using American weapons.

Separately, he said that Washington has received assurances that F-16 fighters will not be used for attacks on the Russian Federation in the future: “And we have these assurances at different levels: not only from Zelenskyy, but also from other high-ranking officials of the defence sector in Ukraine.”

Blather and gibberish!

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