Legacy of Harm: Covid Induced Insanity

Which is why the leadership should be tossed to the curb. Including Doug Ford. Justin Trudeau. Francois Legault. Anthony Fauci. And local to me Mustafa Hirji, public health dictator.

The harm will reverberate for years to come

Pandemic lockdowns likely caused “more harm than benefit” with “substantial and wide-ranging collateral damage” that will be felt for years to come, including millions of non-Covid excess deaths, a rise in child abuse and domestic violence, and trillions of dollars in economic losses, according to new research.

Dr Kevin Bardosh, an applied medical anthropologist from the University of Washington, conducted a “comprehensive” review of more than 600 research publications to evaluate the “global state of knowledge” on the adverse social impacts caused by lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs).

“It looks like many original predictions of adverse effects are broadly supported by research data,” Australian National University infectious disease expert Professor Peter Collignon wrote on Twitter in response to Dr Bardosh’s paper.

At my censored blog- I wrote about the fact the lockdowns were inevitably going to cause wide spread harm- Didn’t need research data just needed to observe real world happenings and use some common sense– which is severely lacking today- Perhaps it should be called uncommon sense- which has been replaced by lies, manipulations, gaslighting and mass insanity.

In a thread summarising his findings, Dr Bardosh noted that Covid was the “most disruptive global crisis since WWII and the use of NPIs, including lockdown, the most consequential set of policies in modern public health history”.

“Early on, many voiced concern that NPIs would cause widespread social harm, especially for vulnerable [and] poorer people,” he said. “Now, a few years in future, we can evaluate concerns with wisdom of hindsight and based on a lot of research evidence.”

Even Donald Trump spoke against lock downs and his reasoning was sensible- Now, I’m not a Trump fan. Not even close, but, I can recall giving him credit where it was due.

The preprint paper, which was funded by UK charity Collateral Global, found that “the collateral damage of the pandemic response was substantial, wide-ranging and will leave behind a legacy of harm for hundreds of millions of people in the years ahead”.

But we weren’t given one

“There is a general tendency for the public health community to be overly optimistic about the benefits of their interventions and underplay or ignore their harm.”

Australia and Canada, where mass insanity and governmental tyranny ran amok- to the applause of the petty tyrants aka the petite bourgeoisie (middle class). Also known as the keyboard class- Who could sit in their homes, with their sense of entitlement and paycheques intact. Getting uber and skip the dishes deliveries. While touting their alleged and delusional social justice accolades.

High-level findings include “14-18 million excess deaths, of which 5-6 million are reported Covid deaths”, “tens of millions of new mental health disorders, especially among young people”, “long-term economic and business damage, including soaring government and private debt”, and “$US6 trillion in lost income for workers worldwide”, Dr Bardosh said.

It noted pandemic rules contributed to a rise in stigma, “partially driven by media narratives, heightened fear and social conformity” to the rules.

“Studies on media representations from Canada and the UK found a strong moralisation discourse that blamed and shamed specific groups (e.g. Asians, young people, nonconforming individuals) and divided the population into – ‘the virtuous’ rule followers (considered selfless and smart) and the deviants (e.g. Covidiots; immoral, stupid and selfish), who questioned or criticised the NPI rules and/or did not respect the rules,” it said.

Well I’ve talked about the abusers and their abuse many times..

Read the rest at the above link and recall the haters and their hatefulness in this relinked post

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